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Odd dot/bump

I am a 22 year old male. I had sex one time, over a year ago, and I wore a condom.

About 30 minutes ago, I noticed a small, dark(almost mole colored, but a little smaller) elevated dot on my foreskin(right near the edge of the foreskin where the shaft ends. The dot was in a dry patch of the foreskin I have had about all my teenage life since I began masterbating.. This raised dot reminded me of what a tick would look like.  I kind of tugged on it and rubbed it a bit and it came off with reletive ease and almost no pain. The feeling was kind of like irritating a hair folicle on your penis (almost like a pinch). Well, it now feels slightly irritated in the same way. This is not on the backside of the penis where hair tends to grow. It now seems like there is a bump of just raised skin. I am not sure if this has been like this due to the dryness, or not. But, I did not notice the raised skin bump when I noticed the original black dot. I just noticed this, kind of raised skin after I roughed the area up a little bit.

Could this be a genital wart? What other skin issue could this be?

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it.
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I would almost think this could have been a tick, but it came off a little too easy. I went camping on the 13th.

A little more about my habits:

I wash by pulling the skin tight and putting directly under the showerheads stream. I sometimes use soap on the penis, but not very often.

I havent masterbated in about 2 days (I was about to when I noticed this). I usually masterbate 2 times a day on average, some times more. I rarely use any type of lubrication (a no-no, I know, I will stop that habit).

Non-sexual habits: I dont eat red meat, I exercise pretty often, I dont eat fried foods, I have sensitive skin and Im very pale. I have viteligo(spelling?) on my hands, scrotum, and penis.

I have another question, sort of... Woulda  wart, or part of a wart, come off as easy as this black thing did? Is there another bug similar to a tick that would come off this easy?  This really reminded me of a mole, the more I think about it. It was smaller, though.It almost had a splinter type feel to it as well.
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Ticks can be painfull butvonly if theyve been feesing on you for some time. The smaller ticks, like deer ticks feed only up to two days. Once they are full, they crawl offvof you. They are a bit smaller than a sesemee seed. Chiggers however cintinue to bite and can burrow into your skin. So maybe that could explain the splinter feeling
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Thank you Shan_sel. I am not sure if this was a bug or not. Out of fright, I kind of went at it with little observation.

I didnt even know it fell off until I looked closer and noticed it was gone, then I felt it between my fingers and kind of dropped it.

Does this sound like a serious issue?
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This does not at all sound like anything to worry yourself about. if it was a tick you would notice due to the fact that the area around it would be slightly red. It also does not seem like a genital wart, they are usually flesh colored in nature. chances are this dry skin you mentioned had cracked and maybe formed a small scab. either way dry skin on your penis is not usually normal, but most of the time the cause is harmless.  you need to be evaluated by a doctor, due to lack of examination this website provides.
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Thanks Stingy!

I originally joined this site due to a foliculitus scare. Back then, I was examined by the university doctor and my family doctor countless times. I had this dry skin then and pointed it out then. I guess it is kind of a calice(spelling?) from masturbation over the years, that sounds a bit weird, lol. I have had it for years. It isnt really noticeable unless youre doing an examination.

If this persists or worsens, I will definitely get it looked at.

Until then, I am open for any other advice/stories/suggestions. I really appreciate the help everyone.
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I know the vinegar test is far from full proof. but, I  soaked myself in a cup of vinegar for 10+ minutes.. It did not turn white, but there was a change. It became more irritated and a bit more noticeable. I dried it off and looked at it with a magnifying glass. There appears to be a gray/black slit shaped mark (you can see a mark without a magnifying glass, but it basically just looks like a speck). If you look close in the light, it is shiny like there is a liquid on/in it. It generally feels very slightly irritated. It feels most irritated when rubbed. When rubbed, it feels like the same kind of pain/irritation as a splinter, or like when you squeeze a hair follicle on the backside of your shaft. The surrounding area of about two side by side pencil erasers is a bit pink.
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vinegar is an acid. indeed it will cause irritation on the skin when you soak in it for 10 minutes!!!

bottom line - you are concerned about this so go and be seen monday. Meanwhile no more picking or soaking or anything!

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