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One Time Encounter has me Worried

I had unprotected, drunken sex last weekend. I’ve since taken a Gonnorea/Chlamydia test and have had them come back negative. However, I’m worried about other potential STDs. Particularly herpes. It’s been roughly 105 hours (little over 4 days) since the encounter, and I’ve noticed that the top of my testicles have been slightly itchy. The itch doesn’t necessarily stay in the same spot, and as far as I can tell, there are not yet any bumps. Rather the skin looks dry and scaly. I should also mention that I’ve been pulling at it and looking at multiple times the last few days. Also, the location of the itchy is basically on either side, maybe half an inch away from my penis base. Finally, my testicles may be a bit swollen, but I may just be imagining things. Should I be worried?
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Hi none of what you mention are any std symptoms but a white puss penis discharge and burning while urinating or genital sores that all appear about a week later  are the symptoms.
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