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Oral Gonorrhoea Risk?

I have been reading the site and reviewing information in relation to Oral Std risks – its seems they are exceedingly rare for all infections. I had a very brief unprotected oral (30 seconds) and got paranoid that I had contracted gonorrhoea and started to panic, I then started to do some research on this matter and wondered if you could review my findings below:

According to UK statistics, Gonorrhoea was recorded at 35,000 infections in the UK last year, this doesn’t seem so bad considering a population of 65 million. Doc Handsfield and Doc Hook have made reference that oral infection accounts for around 1% of all Gonorrhoea cases and 70/80% come from gay men.

So I have come to this calculation 35,000 infections x 0.01 (1%) = 350 infected from oral sex. Then 350 x 0.20 (20% from straight men) = 70. Would this calculation be near accurate???

Gonorrhoea in the UK must be quite rare because by my calculations, contracting this via (straight) oral sex is near 1 in 1 million?
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Yes, probably even less of a risk.
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Thanks Vance.

So based on the UK figures provided above (35,000 cases of gonorrhoea with 1% from oral), the chance of catching gonorrhoea from fellatio (man from women) would be less than 1 in 1 million? is that correct?
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Hi Vance,

So contracting gonorrhoea from insertive oral sex near is 1 in 1 million?

Why do some medical advisors advise for testing if the risks are 1 in 1 million?

Surely these transmissions cant happen that regular?
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Testing if you have a partner to be safe or to easy your mind.
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Final Q:

I had a very brief exposure (30 seconds), I decided not to get tested because I had no symptoms after 10 days.

1. In the 1 in 1 million chance that I had contracted this without knowing and passed this to my partner, would one of us have had symptoms by now?

2. Considering it’s been 6 months with no symptoms, how likely would it be that gonorrhoea would have self-cured? (unlikely, very likely etc)

3. Doc Hook made reference to 1 month self-cure for a man and 3 months for a women? Is this correct?

Thank you!
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