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Oral STD?

I performed oral sex on a guy about 4 weeks ago.  The event lasted about 45 minutes, and needless to say, my tounge was sore/raw feeling by the end. He did not ejaculate in my mouth. My tounge is still sore and has a small, almost white area in the middle area of my tounge that is causing this soreness. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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Could be almost anything.  A yeast infection/bacterial infection/or you could have just irritated the taste buds and they need to heal.  Try using a mouthwash that has peroxide in it.  If it doesn't go away or start getting better soon, see a doctor and then he could prescribe something, probably a prescription mouthwash.  I think if it was an STD, it would be getting worse and not staying the same.  It's doesn't sound like herpes either.  Good luck!
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I was with a guy this weekend and we had oral sex.  Now, a couple of days later I feel a lot of roughness inside my mouth but I don't see anything.  It feels rough in my inner bottom and upper lip and also in the back of my throat.  My tongue is also a bit white in the middle and I have a couple of bumps.  I'm really freaking out.  Could this be some type of STD??

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