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Oral Sex leading to Epididymitis

May 18 received unprotected oral from a stripper.  There will two episodes where penis was in her mouth.  Each episode lasted 4-5 seconds.  Exactly three weeks later June 8 I began feeling a very dull pain the right testicle. It has now been 2.5 weeks that I have had this pain.  it is quite dull.  hard to call it pain, but it is enough that I notice it.  I began excessive self examination.  online says it is epididymitis.  this is caused by chlamydia and gonorrhea.  could my brief oral exposure have caused the std that lead to epididymitis?  is this epididymitis?  I feel around the right and left testicle.  I find a small lump behind both testicles.  is the head of the epididymis supposed to be a firm lump?  if so, that is what I found and the one on the right is tender and causes pain when I squeeze it.  the ongoing dull pain comes from here.  It comes and goes but sometimes I think it is always there and I just get used to it.  I squeeze and rub the testicles.  they are both the same size and neither testicle causes pain.  the pain is coming from the lump behind the right testicle.  I'm guessing it is the epididymis head, but not sure.  the timing to me suggests chlamydia or gonorrhea from the oral exposure leading to epididymitis.  I have no other symptoms.  no painful urination.  no penis discharge.  no pain in urethra.  can the std be asymptomatic and get into the epididymis?  I have a long term girlfriend and am afraid of spreading something to her.  it has been almost 6 weeks since my possible exposure and she has not had any symptoms.  Does this sound like epididymitis?  do I have the right symptoms?  I search online but the symptoms are so vague, I cant find anything concrete.  I was hoping Dr. Hook or Dr. Handsfield could comment.
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Hi and welcome. If you want either of these doctors to reply, you need to post in the std expert forum. There is a slight fee.
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I posted on the expert forum as well.  I wanted to post here to see if anyone out there is feeling like me.
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