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Oral sex risk

Hello doctors I made a big mistake and allowed a massage parlor lady to put her vagina in my face and my lips made contact with the outside of her vagina. The whole encounter lasted less than 5 seconds before I pushed her off. Now I am worrying a lot that I could catch some disease, she said she is clean but how could I know. Please someone help me I am worried sick. My life is going to be ruined.
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Is anyone around
I think your good dude. Usually what we hear about is oral sex is safe sex. We also seem to hear that hsv-1 to genitals is easier to catch then hsv-2 to oral. All other STDs can be cured as far as I know. HIV would be no risk in this case. I wouldnt worry to much man.
Thank you for the response. I still feel so stupid for getting in the position for this to happen. I keep getting up to rinse my mouth. I don’t know what to do if she passed a long any disease to me.
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The inside of my mouth and tongue feel strange
How long ago did this happen?

Realistically, you aren't going to get anything from less than 5 seconds of contact. My guess is that your mouth and tongue feel strange (which is not a symptom of any STD) because of anxiety.

Does your anxiety have anything to do with guilt? Do you have a regular partner? Feel guilty about having this encounter for some reason? If that's the case, remember that guilt doesn't equal risk.
You are suffering from the very common behavior of highly overreacting from this mistake out of the fear it has created within you. It's so common to react the way you are. If you can take a step back from your fear and thoughts, you'll rationally understand you're almost certainly in the clear. If you can't stop fearfully dwelling on it, then you will have to live with the thoughts and constant checking until enough time has gone by for you to calm down. You will calm down, and when you do, don't engage in this behavior again for your mental health's sake.
This happened yesterday afternoon. I feel so stupid.
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I don’t know what to do, am I at risk for anything??
Please do not worry...  

You are at the most, a very...very...very...very...very LOW to ZERO RISK of catching ANYTHING.  Sexual Anxiety is quite common & feelings of dread can be overwhelming, especially when your mind starts going into overdrive, thinking about worst-case scenarios.  The mind can be very cruel when stuck this catastrophic-thinking mode, in that stress, anxiety & fear continue to build when there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of.   I have been there in the past & was diagnosed with extreme anxiety (now completely managed through mindfulness activities).  I even started to experience phantom symptoms which were actually caused by stress.  

I would hate for you to go through the same worry & anxiety as I and countless others have experienced..  So,  lets put your scenario into full perspective:

The chance you have caught anything is ZERO.

Below are the common risk factors from the scenario you described.

The risk of catching HIV is ZERO.
The risk of picking up Chlamydia is ZERO.
The risk of picking up Gonnoreah is ZERO to VERY LOW.
The risk of picking up Syphillis or Tric is ZERO
The risk of picking up HSV1 or 2 is VERY VERY LOW.

And remember these are RISKS, ONLY IF the person WAS carrying any of the above.  Even if you were sexually intimate without any penetration the risk factors above would virtually still be the same.    

What you need to look into doing as a priority is some mindfulness/breathing exercises, or even go for a long walk in the fresh air to clear your head.  This should at least calm your mind and allay most of your fears.  

You will be fine.. dont let your mind tell you otherwise
Thank you. I’ve been living unhealthy and I was also diagnosed with severe anxiety. I get like this after every sexual encounter that I have. And I do my best to be safe at all times, tested negative multiple times for gono, chlamidya, and syphilis but I still get the itchy feeling in my penis and I don’t know if it’s just my brain playing tricks on me or what but it’s really irritating. I have been on the edge for the last few months, my alcohol consumption is been heavy and it causes me to make terrible decisions, such as this. I’m very scared.
Even if you had any risk at all, and I totally agree that the risk is really next to nothing, and not cause for concern, you wouldn't have symptoms this soon.

The absolute bare minimum is 2 days (for herpes, though the average is 4 days for herpes).

Are you under the care of a counselor or therapist? If you aren't, you should really consider it. Also, alcohol does NOTHING for anxiety except make it a crap ton worse. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, too - dehydration causes a lot of strange symptoms, and alcohol is very dehydrating.

Hang in there. You really have so very little to worry about. If it were me, I wouldn't give it another thought.
So I’m not at risk for gono, chlamidya, syphilis for this encounter? Just a tiny chance for herpes? What about a yeast infection? I was seeing a counselor but the cost was too much.
I remember once reading a post from doctor Handsfield saying that in all his years in an STD clinic he had never seen a single case of an STD contracted orally from a vagina to a mouth.
You’re fine, you’ve got more chance of winning the lottery and being struck by lightening on the same day that you have of picking up an infection from the encounter
I’m a bit confused now. I called the local clinic and the woman told me that I’m at risk of every sti under the sun.... and they told me that my previous encounters even with protection put me at risk for every disease. Ugh.
UGH is right.

Lots of clinicians err on the side of ridiculous caution. I understand that, to a point - they don't want anyone to be out there with an undiagnosed infection. However, you don't know who you spoke to - it could be a receptionist, a nurse, someone who just answers phones and hears "unprotected" and goes down a list.

So have you heard about the 5 second rule when you drop food? It basically means that you can drop a food, and if it hasn't been on the floor longer than 5 seconds, you can safely eat it. Now, that doesn't hold true for all foods or all surfaces (if it fell in the garbage, I sure wouldn't eat it), or all foods, but there is some truth to it.

Let's extend that.

As far as STD risk goes, cunnilingus (oral sex on a vagina) is probably the lowest risk of things that have risk. This is because you typically aren't going in too deep with your tongue, and your tongue spends a lot of time on the exterior.

Your tongue didn't even touch the vagina. Your lips made contact with the outside part of it, with not even 5 seconds for the WHOLE THING to happen.

Basically, you barely even kissed the outside of her vagina, and it was over.

This is NOT enough time, friction or exposure for any kind of germ to transmit to you. It just isn't.

I found some posts from our doctors (when we had them on our site). Drs. Handsfield and Hook are world-renowned in the field. I would absolutely trust them with my health.





Some of these people performed actual oral sex, and you can read the responses, which are all essentially "you have nothing to worry about".

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