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PID? No clear diagnosis of STDs but all the symptoms

I had unprotected sex with a new bf. Had a UTI, cleared it up. Then,started my period a few weeks later. A day or tw after I got off my period (so two-two and a half weeks after sex), I had pain in my upper bladder with abdominal discomfort. It turned into painful urination. Was prescribed nitro just in case for UTi, as i get them frequently. Nothing changed. I have never had any vaginal issues, even living in wet bathing suits in florida and being on multiple antibiotics in the past. I began to get discharge, which was unusual for me. I had all of the symptoms of an STI coming on. I was given a urine test for chlamydia and gonorhhea, then the shot and 4 pills (one dosage treatment) of azithro that day in case. After almost a week, my symptoms were the same! Never heard back from the testing center, which usually means negative. I gave the same guy oral, and got worried so went to diff hospital the next morning. They did the exact same thing. Eventually, I saw that both tests from both hospitals were negative. I am worried that possibly antibiotics threw off the results??
None of this helped. My symptoms got worse. It has been 3 months now. I saw a few doctors, and they called for blood work. I found out I have Lyme disease, which really suppresses your immune system and comes with many co-infections. Many gynos have told me its just BV, which makes no sense because this infection has persisted despite any BV treatment, and doesn't have a fishy smell. Plus, I've heard that BV comes and goes, and this has STAYED. Some have told me its yeast, I treat yeast, and is not. Its never been a yeast infection. I stumbled upon ureaplasmas and mycoplasma. Mycoplasmas have also been known to work well with lyme, although nobody I know with lyme or doctors or people over the internet have stated any experience with mycoplasma genitalium and lyme together. I asked to be tested for these, but doctors did not take me seriously at all…..
Finally one did for ureaplasma, and another did for myco, they were unprofessional, and didn't even do it right for something thats hard to cultivate in the first place, so when I was told I was negative I felt no better. If I'm allegedly negative for chlamydia (which is exactly what my symptoms match-which matches mycoplasma hominid/genitalium as well) then mycoplasma makes sense, especially with the lyme.
For lyme, I started doxy 200 x2 a day. I got my doctor to give moxi as well, for mycoplasma genitalium. I have been on both of these for 3 weeks, the only issue that has gone away is painful urination. I am terrified. This as been going on for 3 months and I have no clear answers. It has ruined my life-I am not in school now, don't leave bed, etc.
As of now, I have abdominal pressure and pain, discharge (that has changed colors over time), unusual periods, itching and burning down there, strong BO smell, and now my anus is beginning to itch as well.
It only makes sense that this is something from sex or my period, as this is what changed before the onset of all this. I had sex a week ago again with the same person, where the condom ripped so now I am terrified. Still on doxy and moxi, doctor also gave me metro gel for vagina, I started that last night. I may also start rifampin, as this goes with lyme treatment and I saw someone who took this with their moxi and worked against MG.
By deductive reasoning, this only makes sense that this is what I have, especially throwing lyme in the mix. Trying to treat just in case.
I can feel it spreading, and now even my inner legs feel weird. No, its not a mental thing because I will be moving on and it will just happen.
I have a laparascopy coming up in april, because my urogyno thinks endometriosis. are you kidding me? there are clear signs of infection. I agreed anyway, hoping that during this he may see some sort of inflammation as I am worried about PID, since this urogenital infection has been going on for 3 moths now.
This has ruined me. It has ruined schooling, I have lost internships, can't have a job, spend countless money and getting nowhere, losing happiness, ruining my relationships, it has honestly made me very suicidal at times. Lyme disease is hard enough, especially in the confusing world of the medical community.
Basically, I am here to ask: has anyone had any issues remotely similar? Experiences with STD and PID to share? Advice on proper tests? I begged my doctor for a biopsy to test for bacterias and resistance during laparascopy, but he didn't pay too much attention. I am desperate for my life back. please.
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Also, forgot to mention, at the start of this, when it began to hurt to pee, I noticed a rash that caused skin to flake off on my arm and chest. It went away quickly, but had never seen this before.
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Hi since your were cleared of all std i think best to post in the womens health group for ussues with yeast and bv
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