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Pain for to long

Hi all
I have posted before. Sorry it was so dramatic but am at the end of rope. As my nickname indicates I have severe testicular pain along with leg pain both sides, fatigue. At beginning I had all the symptoms of a STD and unfortunatley there is two sources. We are talking twelve years ago. Both woman were checked (my ex wife, her friend which was a friend of the family). I made one mistake in a 15 year marriage but from what I found out ex had made several.
On two occasions pus cells were found but bacteria was not found on those occasions. Once with a urologist and his team bacteria was found but was culturable.
Have taken repeated courses of antibiotics and they sometimes help but never get rid of the pain completely.
I have reciently been test for HIV by PCR, urinalysis, pelvic ultrasound, testicular ultrasound, rpr, hep a,b,c.
This pain is ridiculus. Feel like my testicles are swarming with something living in there. Leg pain, fatigue, nerve pain etc. feel like I have Syphilis or Lyme but both neg.
All tests negative except ANA positive speckled. I guess my question is: In a testicular ultrasound would this test show the inflammation I feel there and could it miss the inflammation, infection that Clymidia/Gonn would cause especially with the severe pain I feel there. I feel like ****, not to mention what feeling like you've had a STD like this for 12 years. Nobodies (doctors) have really not given it a real go as far as antibiotics (I've taken Doxy (at first this helped) Bactrim, Cipro) for months at a time.
What I mean by a go is intervenous antibiotics.
My testicles hurt even when the ultrasound lady was running her scope over. The lymphnodes or veins on the sides of my groin hurt to the touch of the scope but yet I phone the doc's office to see if maybe they even caught some imflammation there and she indicated to me that it said everything was normal. I had to take a seat i was so blown away. That indication meant to me that I was to suffer with this pain forever. I know for a fact that this was originally caused by an std but they detect nothing. As I sit and type this my legs burn, testicles burn (especially when sitting) and I feel so far away from normal. Tired, depressed (i'm taking stuff for that..celexa).
I am currently getting an appointment with the University hospital here and I hope they have some answers or at least will try to aggressivly treat this. Intervenous antibiotics, maybe prednisone. Problem is they may find nothing and tell me I'm crazy. I know what happened when I had pus in my ejaculant. I'm sorry crazy doesn't cut it. I work, have a great lady, take care of my kids but don't know how long I can pretend everything is OK. It is not. I need help. Guilt is there but I dealt with that along time ago. 20 years and two partners of than my ex wife. Oh ya. Back when things were good with marriage I thought... ex got early one Saturday morning and came back with Doxy for 14 days prescribed by an unknown doctor. Could Clamydia/Gonn stay with a person this long without being detected???
Hows that for a please help story.  
Regards all and anyone who suffers from anything remotley like this.
End of rope literally.
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Tried to post on Doctors forum. Sorry.
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it is possible to have a vericose vein in your testical, this will cause it to feel a little heavier then normal
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