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Painful urination, green discharge, painful sores, etc.


My GF and I broke up and got back together again after a few months.  The only encounter I had was the week we got back together and it was with a friend.  I performed one count of cunnilingus and had unprotected vaginal sex for not even 5 seconds.  Quick in and out.  

My GF and I got back together and I told her about it.  She got tested this past Friday for all STDs.

I have shown no symptoms since this all happened.  But my GF developed yesterday painful urination, a green discharge, and I noticed two small lesions on her inner labia.  Both painful to the touch.  She says she has had lower back pain and abdominal pain.  Sore throat as well, as we have engaged in oral sex.

3 days after intercourse for the first time in months she developed 3 quarter sized and shaped rashes(resembling contact dermatitis) under her bra line and one lonely one off near her belly button.  This is probably nothing but who knows.

We're afraid cause the doctor hasn't called and it's been 4 days.  I'd imagine if something was found they'd have call by now.

Tomorrow she goes in to get the lesions/sores viewed by a doctor.  

Given the appearance of symptoms(less than two weeks of first exposure) and my 5 seconds of insertion, I highly doubt it's HIV though we will retest for that at the proper interval.  

The trickiest thing is pinpoint what STD, if any, this is.  She seems to have symptoms of one, but then another, and yet another.  I doubt chlamydia and gonnorhea cause those kinds of lesions.  She cried while urinating just now.

Can someone give us an educated guess as to what this might be?  Why I have no symptoms and yet she has many?  Some symptoms say Trich, another says Chlam, another says Gonnorrhea, the lesions/sores say herpes, and some even say UTI(which she has NEVER had in her life or even a yeast infection).

I'm really scared for her.  Hate myself for being the cause of her pain.  We shouldn't have ever broken up.  I should've waited for her.  :'(

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If she has any STD I doubt it is from you.
At this point only a Dr is going to tell her what she has as the discharge and pain while urinating sounds more like gonorrhea. The lesions I am not sure about.
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I'm thinking maybe Herpes as I have read that it causes discharge as well as painful urination in women.  

And since docs never really test for it, that would explain why we haven't gotten a call yet.  

Gonnorhea scares me cause doc says its usually only passed the same way HIV is.  But again, given it was 5 seconds of Herero sex with someone who is not a injection drug user, and overall classified as low risk, I'm not too worried about it.  

My GF is at the doctor's office now.  Just have to wait to be seen.  Nervous.

Thanks for your reply!
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HSV-1 type specific IgG:   AB  5.38 H

For HSV2 it just says <90 but is grayed out.  So it's not a concern, but the HSV-1 is circled.

IgM both negative.  Would a positive IgG but negative IgM mean recent exposure?

Are cultures effective at finding the virus regardless of window period?

These are her test results and she was NOT tested for Trich!  We are both upset about that.
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have you had full std testing done yet? If not, you should seek that out this week. Make sure you get urine and blood testing done and that it includes herpes igg blood testing. It's important to know your full status as well as hers.

In theory, igm testing would reflect a recently acquired herpes infection. Unfortunately herpes igm testing isn't as accurate as it should be and it's not a good indicator of new infection or even recent infection. We currently do not recommend herpes igm testing on adults for the purpose of diagnosing genital herpes infections.

Your gf tested + for hsv1. Most adults do. Even if she can't recall ever having had cold sores, odds are it's oral. You can contract hsv1 genitally, primarily from receiving oral sex but with her testing done at the time that it was, odds are it's showing a previous hsv1 infection. It was far too early for hsv2 testing to be accurate for her via blood testing. When she was seen , did they swab her genital area for herpes and her vaginal area for infections?

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We all had cultures done.  1 on her at the time of symptoms; negative.  Two on me.  One negative and the other im awaiting results on.

We both had 4 blood tests done between the 2 of us.  Both of hers negative for HSV2.  And my first was deemed "Unsatisfactory."  Im awaiting my second blood test.

I would assume cultures are accurate regardless of window period, right?

Doc said my bumps DONT look like herpes to her but I also know they can't be diagnosed by sight.  She also said that green discharge like my gf had is not common with herpes.  Hmmm.  Can all this be Trich?  We were tested for all STDs and were negative.  Trich was the only thing.  And Trich comes and goes like I've been having these bumps.  But idk if Trich causes bumps.

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you said previously that you had no symptoms. would you please describe the bumps you have and how long you have had them?

herpes lesion cultures have a high false negative rate after 48 hours of the appearance of symptoms. how long had your partner had her symptoms before she had lesion cultures done? did hers come back +?

green discharge is not common with herpes at all. The discharge associated with genital herpes is usually clear. Trich doesn't cause bumps. Your gf will need to see if trich testing was included with her vaginal swab - it typically is.

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My symptoms: Small red, mildly itchy bumps.  As many as 35ish.  They began at about 2 weeks post my exposure, and I think I had painful urination but nothing like others have said in terms of screaming out in pain.

Around the same time my gf had pain urination, and green discharge.  I examined her inner labia and found a clear spot.  As if a whole part of her labia was clear.  Hmmm.  How to explain.  Imagine a normal labia, and then imagine a small circle which had no color to it.  Was clear all the way through.  Weird huh?

Well, she had it cultured and was negative.  I had my culture over 48hrs after my appearance of symptoms and was negative.  This time I think my current culture is within 48hrs or at 48hrs, and am awaiting results.  

Her blood test was negative for HSV-2, I guess.  And my blood test was a unsatisfactory sample.  Wtf does that even mean!?

Now I'm also awaiting my 2nd blood test.

Trich was NOT included in her swab and she was very upset about that.

So far I've had 2 "outbreaks" of these small red bumps.  Like a couple of them had some sort of pus in the center like a small pimple.  Like two of them on the shaft did.

I find it funny that IF this is herpes, I've had two outbreaks to my gf's 1.  She gets sick so easily and so often.  I NEVER get sick.  How could I be less equipped to fight outbreaks(IF these are HSV).

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I actually understand what you are describing ( not sure if I am that good or if we are both crazy...lol ). Usually the skin discoloration is due to irritation or fungal infections.

Your description of your symptoms do not sound like herpes. If you had 35 or so bumps, it would've been a primary herpes infection and not many folks would describe those as mildly itchy. It sounds like folliculitis going on. since it is reoccurring, odds are you need an antibiotic to take care of it. since the provider you are seeing seems at a loss for a diagnosis, time for a dermatologist.

unsatisfactory sample means they didn't send enough blood to test or sent it in the wrong tube.

Your gf's provider can call the lab they use to see if they still have the sample to test for trich. I am pretty sure it's automatically done even if the report doesn't say it was but best to make sure. If she is still having discharge though she should be seen again for repeat testing for vaginitis.  she also should follow up with a dermatologist if her lesions on other body parts reoccur to find out what they are. Perhaps you two are sharing bed bugs, scabies, or a bacterial skin infection even ( now I have given you plenty of reason to itch right? )

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Haha, yeah, I'm scratching just thinking about it.

Got my newest results!  Blood test was once again unsatisfactory.  WTF is going on at that lab!?  Culture was again Negative.

After reading your posts, and remember what my doc said about perhaps seeing a dermatologist, I began to think back 12 years ago.  In my late teens I remember some red itchy spots that went away with some cream.  I think it was a male yeast infection or something.  Perhaps that's what's going on now.  Will use monistat if they return.

Thank you so much for all your support.  You've been 10x helpful than my GF's midwives.
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