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Pap smear today

Today i went to ER hoping to get the one day pill that cures yeast infections. I started having yeast infections symptoms maybe two or three days ago .I had white discharge And after urinating it burns slightly and it itches. So i went to Er this morning they did a urine sample. And pap smear . Im not pregnant the test was negative. The doctor asked me if i ever had a std i said yes once and was treated . Upon returning in the room he said he was going to treat me for std and i said why we dont have any test results and he said something about white cells . I refused the treatment because I didnt have any results.  I asked the nurse why wasnt i being treated for a yeast infection she said he seen more than that down there ! What does that mean !! Im confused and scared and they say i wont be getting my test results untill Thursday.  
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Probably means that it doesn't look like a normal yeast infection. Really something you have to ask Dr/nurse for more info.
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