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About a month or so ago, I went to get my annual exam and STI testing. I told my doctor that I wanted to be tested for absolutely everything under the sun. A week later, I got my results and my doctor said everything was negative and normal. My problem is I don't know what he tested me for! I know my herpes and HIV tests were done because he actually said that both of those results were negative but he then just said I was all clear. I guess the reason I am being paranoid is because I have what I think are very pronounced gland ducts or something in my posterior fourchette area. They are larger on the right side, but are still fairly symmetrical in that they are also on the other side. I don't know if my doctor tested me for HPV even though I thought that was pretty much a standard test AND I asked to be tested for everything. He didn't seem concerned with anything when he did the actual visual exam. Could these little bumps be just glands? They are moist, pink, no pain or itching, they are almost like fronds or cobblestones, I'm pretty sure they've been there for years and I am just scaring myself for no reason, but still, bumps are scary.

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I think you should talk to your Dr at this point and find out what you were tested for.
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If He did the pap smear then yes you were screened for HPV. It is one of the primary reasons the women get pap smears. Changes on your pap smear cells would alert the pathologist and your Doctor.
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