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Penis / Groin Discomfort

I am have an issue that has has been troubling me. I am a 25 year old healthy male with the following symptoms:
- A feeling I can only describe as general discomfort localized to the rim of my glans.
- Mild discoloration / redness and swelling of only the top of the rim of my penis. It is usually a light red to a purplish sometimes.

Photo is located here : http://www.medhelp.org/photos/show/2948052?type=posts

These symptoms are often mild but are pretty steady and get pretty annoying. The symptoms seem to worsen when I shower or have the urge to urinate. Both symptoms seemed to be linked as when one worsens so does the other.

The symptoms started 3 months ago and seemed to coincide with a sexual encounter that consisted of protected vaginal sex with a female whose background was unknown. The symptoms started approx 2-3 days after said encounter.

I have seen a GP about this issue and she believed it to be Gonorrhea or Chlamydia (Despite my telling her that my risk of exposure was extremely low). I was treated for both. I was given a shot of Azithromiacin and an oral antibiotic (Can't remember off hand - Maybe Cipro?). Regardless the tests ended up coming back negative and my urine was very clean. No white cells / proteins etc. Not even a trace as often is normal anyway. So since I have been doing some research on my own and found that Trichimonas can often create a tingling in the penis which doesn't quite match my dull sensation but seemed closer than anything else thus far so I mentioned this to her. I was told there was no way for the facility to test males but was treated with 2g Metronidazole anyhow. It has been a week since and no improvement.

So here are my thoughts; I think that it is possibly fungal? Maybe thrush but if so it would be an extremely mild case as I don't have the sort of rash usually associated with male yeast infections. It could always be another sort of fungal infection and it would make sense that it worsened considering the cocktail of antibiotics I have been given.
I know that Balanitis is the most common symptom with thrush so this is why I think it maybe something of that sort.

I am NOT experiencing any of the following:
- Discharge
- Painful / Dificult urination
- Ulcerations of any sort

This has been an ongoing issure for now 3 months. Any guidance would be extremely helpful in getting this cleared up. Thank you in advance.

Update: 12-20-2008

It now has been 8 months. The irritation is much redder than pictured after sex or other friction. Also there is one spot that seems to be lacking any pigment / is completely white and is round but not ulcerated. I have the discomfort sensation after sex and it lasts for days. I have a swollen lymph node in the right side of my throat. One only and the urologist said it was only slightly swollen and nothing to worry about. It has remained the same but still feels as though something is "pressing" on my throat. This and my discomfort in my groin may be anxiety however I may be saying this looking for a reason. Any ideas? Syphilis normally presents with some urinary symptoms and hiv ( with regard to acute retro viral) normally presents with more than one swollen lymph node. Please give me some ideas...
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Have you had a prostate exam?  That can sometimes cause discoloration on the tip of the penis.

The redness on the rim could be fungal, and you might try an antifungal cream for awhile to see if that helps.  If you see improvement, use it for 2 weeks after the symptoms have cleared, to make sure its gone.

Syphilis doesn't present with urinary symptoms, but syphilis sores won't last 8 months.  HIV wouldn't present with symptoms like this, and you used a condom with the other woman, so HIV isn't a risk here.  

The gland in your neck probably has nothing to do with this, but see an ENT or your regular doctor to follow up on that.


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