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Penis bump

I recently visited an urologist since I was worried about a bump about 2mm (about 0.08 in), I am sexually active and as I told the physician there have been some times years ago when I have had unprotected sex, I have never worried before since I didn't have trust issues about these sex partners, my last partner tested negative for HPV on her last examinations some months ago.

Years ago, when I was about 18 I noticed what I believed were something like blackheads on the shaft of my penis, and I even squeezed some of them, and thought I infected myself through masturbatory practices. Time later I found what I thought was just another bump located at the base of my penis, on the upper side, and tried to squeeze it but nothing came out, I never worried about it, I have never worried until now about STD's I have tested negatived for HIV three times in the last 5 years, and gave it little importance until recently. I usually shave my pubic hair and that's how weeks ago I took I closer look into these lesion and checked the internet for more information, then I became very concerned and by means of a magnifying lens look at it. It is skin coloured and it is composed of many tiny bumps with a small almost red colour in the center of each bump. I also found about three more lesions like this in the surroundings, sizes from .5 to 1 mm (.02 to .04 in).

The urologist checked the main bump and told me that it didn't seem sex related, his main argument was that it's morphology was different from that of HPV or any other STD syntoms, and that it wasn't located on a typical HPV area. He also told me it was not contagious and told me that the major concern about was purely cosmetic. So he prescribed my Aldara for three weeks and told me to see him after the treatment concluded to follow the evolution of the treatment, that if necessary, surgery was suggested, he even told me I could have sex during treatment as long as it wasn't the day I needed to apply the cream (I don't even have a sexual partner right now so this isn't likely to happen). I asked if I should take a cytologic examination/penescopy but told me he didn't considered that necessary. I was relieved, but he mention I had what he called a common verruca, the kind that might grow on other parts of the body, just that this one was caused by other sort of virus different from HPV.

Still, I feel uncomfortable about this, since I understand that aldara is prescribed for external genital warts, caused by HPV. I have used the treatment for one week, I haven't noticed any side symtoms nor any change on the bump, I hope it is working. My main concern is that I don't understand exactly which is my actual diagnosis, I fear it could be contagious, that this lesions could worsen or even be life threatening, should I look for a second opinion?
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If your partner really was tested for hpv with  her pap test, it wasn't for the types of hpv that infect the external genitals, just the types that cause cervical cancer.

aldara can take up to 3 months to work , if it even works at all.

honestly I'd see a dermatologist for this. Urologists are better at "plumbing problems" than they are skin issues.  

You have absolutely no reason to think this could be something life threatening!


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