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Penis help

I’m a boy and I’m going through puberty and received the hpv vaccine and I’ve also remembered having some like white spots on my penis shaft I think they were fordyce spots. I recently got my penis sucked with no condom and about a month or so after I noticed my penis has a bunch of little hard white dots on the side of both of my penis shafts and some have little white hairs sticking out and some are just bumps and some have actual pubic hairs on my shaft. They look worse and more visible if I stretch the skin back. Please helppp thanks .
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Since you can see them more with the skin stretched, that sounds like Fordyce spots, which are just oil glands, and are totally normal. Some may be that, some may be hair follicles. None of it sounds like an STD. Genital warts, which is caused by HPV, usually appears in small clusters of bumps, or a couple by themselves. They aren't usually spread out all over the shaft.

While this doesn't sound like an STD, you should know that you can get certain STDs from oral sex. No one likes using a condom for oral, but it can prevent you from getting gonorrhea, chlamydia and NGU. It can significantly reduce your chances of getting syphilis and genital herpes type 1, if you don't already have hsv1 (usually causes cold sores, but can be transmitted to the genital area by oral sex).

I don't want to scare you, just inform you. :)

Google them and see if that fits.
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If it was herpes though wouldn’t I have gotten them now it’s been 3months and no symptoms . Thanks for helping
Yeah, it's not herpes. Herpes is blisters that heals within a week or so. Herpes symptoms typically appear within 2-12 days.

If I thought it was an STD, I'd be urging you to go to the doctor. I really don't think it is.
Thank you . Makes me feel way better . And I also had the hpv vaccine
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