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Penis tip burns and red, wierd scab?

Thanks for your time in reading my post. I'm having just a bit of trouble and any possible suggestions/comments will help until my visit to a doc in a month. Recently I've had unprotected sex and within a week or two, the penis skin had two scabs - It seemed like a cut and it scabbed up, then peeled off leaving no scarring. I got scared with that but it happend again a week later after it had healed, within a week - they're back in the same location.(nothing was done to cause these) They aren't scary looking, no ozzing or rising of skin, just normal scabs. Its been 3 weeks since that and they havn't returned. Now. I have discomfort on my penis tip, and under the head. I was thinking possible Yeast? so i tried monostat cream and does help a bit, but it never goes away,so stopped using the cream. I've looked at every possible std and It don't seem to match. Any suggestions? Please!? :) Thanks
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Also, I'd like to add I have no bumps/warts/pimples. And 90% of the time my penis isnt red, just uncomfy - not itching, just burn? Also my partner is using loestrin birth control. but the pain started a few weeks after anal insertion. It don't hurt when i pee so could I rule out UTi?  Thanks again for any help
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Hey, wow, I almost have the same issue identically. I have posted recently under the topic "untreatable yeast infection". There is more detail on my situation if you find my post. After you read it post back on either mine or back here:)

-by the way untreatable isn't even a word apparently, haha.
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Hey ck thanks for the reply. Exactly, to me it seems just like a yeast infection because I had one like 6 months ago and it has the same feeling. Except, with that yinfection it cured up with the same cream im using now within 3 days. I tried using the cream for 5 days, and it just calms down the feeling(and lubes the skin) so it feels better...Until it comes off. So I stopped using it, and just use mild soap. and STILL no recovery. I've asked my partner if she's having yeast infection symptoms and no, shes not. So again, should I rule out any STDS? - Does this sound like one? My skin isnt even scaly or red anymore, just a sensation of burn/itch on tip and under head. No bumps or nothing...Could this just be in my head?! =( someone help....

-Maybe uncurable is a better word? no?
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well. my recent partner did in fact have a yeast infection and had NO IDEA. Did you read my post? My symptoms are slightly similar to yours but I also have a random white blotch. Anyway, I do not think it is an STD. Apparently, yeast infections can be terrible to treat. I got a full UTI test and it came back clean. I am on oxistat and it should be working, but, as far as I am concerned, it isn't. I recommend going to see a dermatologist. That is going to also be my next step.

If you look up the symptoms of other types of STDs none of them actually match what you and I are describing. That doesn't mean it isn't actually that, but, it does curb my thoughts a little more about it being something serious. I was worried that it was symptoms of HPV ( which there really aren't symptoms of in men) because a recent partner of mine performed oral sex on me and a few days later this appeared but I do not think those two were related. I really think it coincides with a previous encounter of unprotected sex with a different girl that had a yeast infection.
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Yea I remember my partner had a yeast infection and had no clue, until her pap. I'm hoping thats the case for her pap ina week. I'm hoping its a yeast infection since its treatable.. but my treatments aint treating it lol, sadly. Genital warts sound like it with the itching and burning but as far as bumps or califlowers, na uh. Wish I had an answer. But I noticed symptoms started a week after my little...slip. Thanks for the input ck
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Yeah np dude, this is my first experience with a "yeast infection" aswell and the treatments I have undergone haven't help. The only thing that worked was the dyflucan which cleared up my stomach cramps. Regardless if it was related to the yeast infection or not. I feel like there is nothing else I can do for the "yeast infection". I am on a really potent prescription cream. Yeah and genital warts I don't think is in the cards. I am not terribly familiar with the symptoms of chlamydia and syphilis though.
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