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Perianal ulcer. Syphilis?

I have a perianal ulcer at 6 o'clock. It's almost 1×1cm, pinkish in color and painful to touch. It came two weeks ago. I am a 23 yo male. I went to see my GP who asked me to see a surgeon because he thought it was an anal fissure.The surgeon prescribed me Augmentin 625mg twice a day for 5 days. And lidocaine+fucidin cream (fusidic acid) to apply on the rectum and the ulcer. I have been doing that but the ulcer doesn't seem to heal. Also, Augmentin has given me diarrhea in the past so I was not very satisfied with his prescription. About 5-6 days after the ulcer developed, I got a few itchy bumps on my tailbone area/just at the top end of the crack. They are flesh colored and very itchy. I went back to the doctor and insisted that I feared it could be an STD. Syphilis or genital herpes? I have also been feeling fatigued/lazy for about 3-4 days now. I insisted that I wanted to get tested for these STDs and resultantly he got me tested for Syphilis (VDRL/RPR: Non-reactive and TPHA Titre <1:80)

Do I need to get retested to confirm? Also, is the TPHA also an efficient/effective test like the TPPA?
I am in Pakistan right now and I am not satisfied with the doctors that I have seen. Please suggest. It's taking an emotional toll on me and causing me a lot of worry/stress.
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Hi, yes both are good tests and would confirm you dont have syphilis also the anal area is not a place for a syphilis sore but more the genital area. It would appear its more of a hemorhid if its on the inside of you anus.
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