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Persistant NSU

Hi I was diagnosed with NSU but gonohrya and clamidya tests came negative was given the following zithromax , vibroymcin 2 weeks symptoms persisted flagyl 1g one week . Then prostate massage was administered and sample cultured and came back with negative bacteria growth . Urine cultural had high wbc . Curam 1g given for a week and doctor advised another week of curam as morning charge was present . He finally advised if curam did not do the trick I might need anti biotic for two months . Please advise is the the right mode of treatment . Thanks
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Sorry but we can't give medication info here.
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Hi Thanks for your reply . Iam looking to find out if the medication and procedure are right . I know that persistant NSU takes a while to cure
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Still nothing we can really comment on here. We don't have the medical training of Dr's, so it would be irresponsible to do so. Sorry.

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