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Persistent NSU - Advice wanted!


Since April 2015 I have been suffering from what's known as Persistent NSU.  I have been tested multiple times, swabbed etc and been to a urologist.  My symptoms are primarily a see-through discharge, occasional itch and an occasional burning sensation when urinating

Here is what I've been prescribed from multiple doctors.

First Time (April) : Azithromycin - 1000mg Single Dose
Second Time (May) - Doxycycline - 7 days at 100mg a day
Third Time (June) - Azithromycin - 500mg Day 1, then 250mg for 4 Days. Metronidazole 400g Twice a day for 5 days
Fourth Time (July) - Ciprofloxacin - 500mg Twice a day for 2 weeks

The fourth recommendation of Cipro was from a urologist who guaranteed it would work, though I have yet to see any research online connected with the cure of NSU and Cipro.  I am now coming to the near end of the Cipro course and I have had some mild relief but symptoms still very much prevalent.

One of the swab tests I have came back positive and the rest negative.  I have not had protected sex for 2 months now.

I'm starting to feel like the doctors actually don't know how to treat this and that my own research will be the only way to find the correct medicine.  I have researched that Moxifloxacin could be effective, but I have yet to have been prescribed this.

I'm considering going back to the Gum clinic as they have a microscope on site, and finding out the exact bacteria that is causing this, which might help the diagnosis when going to a Urologist.

If there is any further advice that would be greatly appreciated!

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Sorry but we can not give medication info.
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Well can you give any other advice??
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Basically just keep working with your Dr, make sure that the tests done have looked for Mycoplasma genitalium also.
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