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Persistent Urethritis

Hi, my problem began a few months ago.  I had one episode of unprotected sex in June and about 2-3 weeks later started have a burning sensation when I urinate and some general itching in the urethra.  Eventually there was a pus discharge. The doc gave me cipro and doxycycline (assuming this was either gonococcal or nongonococcal urethritis).  I finished the treatment and the symptoms subsided.  The symptoms returned a few weeks later.  The dr then gave me an injection of ceftriaxone and a prescription for levaquin.  The symptoms did not go away (pus and burning when I urinate).  Now, I received a one time dose of azithromycin and more doxycycline.  I am starting to get depressed that this isnt clearing up. I am assuming this could be something other than gonorrhea or chlamydia... am I correct?  I am just worried this can turn into something worse....any comments?  I am really down about it.
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I suggest going to a urologist.  This sounds like it could possibly be prostatitis, whcih I something I suffer from.  One of the symptoms for prostatitis is discharge, among many other symptoms, and it's a very difficult condition to treat.  Do you have any pain?
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well doesnt that go away by itself? i mean follow up on your doc sounds like you have some anxiety, i didnt have that.
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