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Persistent penile lesions and discharge, please help

I work as a freelance researcher. I don't have insurance and I have to keep moving to follow new jobs. If I stop anywhere too long I'll be out of work and out of money. I've been in Southeast Asia all year.

I'm dealing with recurrent penile disorders that seem to be getting worse and worse. I was a very sexually active person, usually receiving unprotected oral and having protected intercourse almost daily, sometimes with commercial providers. Occasionally had penis to outer vagina contact without condom but no penetration. Only unprotected intercourse with steady girlfriend who lives with me and very likely doesn't sleep with anyone else even though she's okay with me being with others. Here's a concise version of what I've been dealing with.

Mid-April felt a pinch when girlfriend was giving oral. After sex noticed right side of meatus was irritated. In shower noticed a 2mm ulcer like lesion on meatus. Visited urologist at respected hospital in Thailand. He examined and said it looked like a cut from girlfriend, nothing more. Tested for gonorrhea, chlamydia, blood and white blood cells. Nothing out of the ordinary. Prescribed eye ointment to put on lesion twice a day. I did that for 1 month, nothing changed.

Mid-May visited Western doctor at international clinic in Japan. He examined and said it looked like a wound from activity and not an infection. He did a quick slide of very minor clear discharge and said it looked fine. Told me to quit the ointment and let the wound dry. I did that and the lesion healed about 2 weeks later (he said contact with urine was probably delaying the healing) and meatus irritation ended.

Things seems fine and started back with sexual activity, though limited intercourse with girlfriend to condom only.

Late July I awoke to a tiny amount of white discharge after receiving oral from a few different people. It turned to clear discharge during the day, but back to white the next morning. Cheap Thai clinic gave me 2g Azithromycin in one dose after asking my symptoms. Took it and discharge stopped for a few days then returned.

Early August discharge got more watery and frequent. Visited an international clinic in Malaysia. With only visual inspection Western doctor gave me Ceftriaxone 500g in two injections. Watery discharge increased.

Mid August I visited a general doctor at a respected international clinic in Indonesia. Doctor performed swab and urine tests. Chlamydia PCR, candida, trichomoniasis and GO/gonorrhoea all negative. White blood cell was 2-4, bacil gram negative was positive and epithel was positive. Doctor diagnosed “non specific urethritis” and prescribed twice daily doxycycline and pipemidic acid by mouth for two weeks. Symptoms finally stopped after ten days. Returned to sexual activity with girlfriend and a few others only. Condoms for intercourse.

Mid September left meatus became slight irritated for a few days. This went away but slight white discharge returned in mornings and clear discharge throughout the day. No pain throughout any of this except for very minor sting during urination in early August. Pharmacist gave Azithromycin 1g and Flagyl 2g to be taken orally at once until I could see doctor.

Late September finally was able to return to urologist at respected international hospital in Thailand only to find that my discharge had stopped. Tested urine for trichomonas, mycoplasma hominis, mycoplasma geitalium, chlamydia, gonorrhea and ureaplasma urealyticum/parvum. All negative. Tested blood for HIB Ag/Ab and VDRL (syphilis). Both negative. Told me nothing he could do from there.

Started to feel a little better although had slight dysuria (spraying in different directions when starting the urine stream and taking a while to get the last bit of urine out). Took a break from sexual activity and decided to limit myself to one woman. Last week decided to have unprotected sex with my girlfriend twice in one day. No problem until four days ago when I noticed the right side meatus was red and inflamed. The next morning after masturbating I noticed two small lesions in the same place the original lesion was. That night when I got in the shower I noticed three more pinhole sized lesions. This morning there seems to be two more of them. The meatus just looks red and raw until I get in the shower. When the water hits the lesions they become white, just like scabs do.

These images are taken before and after shower:


I'm in the middle of nowhere now. Even internet access is hard to come by. I won't be able to visit a doctor for another week. Does anyone have any idea what is going on here?? Please help!
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With different partners who knows what you have picked up. My advice is to stop sexual activity outside of the relationship and see a Dr for a full workup on urine and possibly prostate.
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No where in your post did you mention testing for herpes. I'm not a doctor, but your symptoms and reoccurring lesions in the same location fit the bill for a genital herpes infection.

Have you IGG blood tested for herpes type 1 and type 2? Many doctors don't include this in their STD workout so I would request this ASAP and also swab next time those blisters/lesions occur again.

To me, this looks like genital herpes.
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I finally got to a qualified doctor. Full STD work up showed nothing. He looked at it and did a culture on lesions, urine and semen. Turns out the old wound somehow got irritated and normal mouth flora get into the wound. Nothing major. Antibiotic ointment twice a day and regular old amoxicilin pills for a few days. Lesions are totally gone already and everything is back to normal except for some minor dysuria that may be mental. Looks like I'm good to go and doctor agrees.
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