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Pinkish/red bumps on shaft of penis


About 3 years ago, a girl performed oral sex on me while I was wearing a condom her sexual history unknown.  Shortly after that time, I got a tiny bump on the tip of my penis head.  It was the same color of the head of my penis, did not hurt, but might have felt irritated if my pants rubbed against it wrong.  I was probably worrying about it too much and my mind made it feel more sensitive?

About 9 months ago, a different girl gave me a handjob.  Nothing significant after that episode.  Then about 4 months ago, I got another handjob but this time was wearing a condom both unknown sexual history.  

Now about 5 weeks ago, I noticed a few small pinkish bumps on the shaft of my penis after masturbating.  I usually dont use lube, and get started over my boxers because it feels better.  They do not hurt, sometimes they are easier to see than others (like when my penis is more errect).  I have been to my regular family Dr and he said he didnt see anything that concerned him.  I again showed him the bumps on a day in which they were a little easier to see and again he said nothing concerned him about it.  

Taking those 3 incidents into consideration:

1.   How at risk would I be for a STD (ie Herpes, gental warts etc)- oral sex with condom, handjob with condon, handjob without condom.  I was tested for Herpes 1 and 2, syphilis, and other STDs and they all came back negative (they did not swab the inside of my penis but just did a blood test.

2.  I have heard stories about HPV or Herpes hiding in your system for up to 10 years, without it ever showing any signs?  If I did contract Herpes from one of these inicidents, would it show up on the blood work if I did not have any signs?

3.  Could these bumps be from masturbating without lube and over my boxers?

4.  I didnt think you could get an STD through a handjob (since that was the most recent incident) but maybe if she touched her vagina and then touched my penis with the same hand?  I cant say for sure that did or did not happen as I honestly dont even remember.  

5.  Could  get an STD from touching her vagina then touching my penis?

Thanks for all your help!  

I have an appointment to see a dermatologist soon
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1  No risk
2. You would not get herpes from the above exposures
3. Yeah
4. No you can't get a STD from being masterbated
5. No, STD's are not passed from secondary touching
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Thank you for your quick response Vance, it is appreciated.  I guess I get worried when something not the norm happens down there.  I was raised strict catholic and reamed into my head that I would get an STD if sexual relations outside of marriage.  Thanks!  
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Well you should either not have sexual relations till marriage or adjust your thinking in order to live the life of pre-martial sex.
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