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Pitted keratolysis but report negative

I had unprotected oral from a massuese.

I am suffering from PITTED KERATOLYSIS.

i had got tested for HIV 1&2 CMIA ,HSV 1&2 IGG IGM ,SYPHILLIS VDRL AND TPHA AND GONORRHEA AND CHALYMIDIA PCR by 1st void urine.All test were done at 90 days except SYPHILLIS .

Tested for HIV 1 2 at 70th and 93 day.

Are my test conclusive or should i re test for some std?Please suggest as information is not available in India.
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Your test are considered conclusive at 93 days. Be happy and move on.
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what about pitted keratolysis
It is caused by other diseases not Hiv , look for dermatologist. Thank you.
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