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Please can someone help - I am literally suicidal. Please please please

I have engaged in multiple acts of mutual masturbation with other males. Have had oral in the past (only given a couple of times), but this was well over a year ago. Got cleared for gonorrhea,syphiles, chlamydia etc.., in Sept last year.
Since had a couple of mutual masturbation encounters.
Have had pain in my left teste for around 2 months. Been 2 docs 3 times and have had 3 courses of antibiotics (last one being a 2 week course of doxycylcine).
No pain when urinating and no burning.
Last week and again this morning I have had a clear discharge. Like ejaculate, maybe a slightly whitish tinge, but maybe ,more clear. No pain.
I am absolutely bricking it that I have gon or chlamyidia or something else.
I have told doc about mutual masturbation and they said no risk. I have psoriasis as well and wondered if I maybe have had a scratch or something that let something in?
Please can someone help????
I am married and would not be able to cope if I have caught something.
A few selfish moments of madness have got me in this state.
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Hi giving oral would not cause any issues with a urethta infection only the person you gave oral to would. Mutual masturbation is zero risk for any std. Symptoms of a urthera infection would be an obvious white discharge and burning while urinating.
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Thanks so, so much for your answer. So I was cleared of all infections (standard test) and have only had mutual masterbation so there is no risk at all, of sti? Im just freaking out due to discharge (def clear and not white or smelly) and sore teste. Any idea what discharge could be please?
Thanks so much again. Never been so freaked in my life.
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