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Please can someone help? Going out of my mind

I am male and married. I suffer from penile (and body) psoriasis, as well as diverticulitis.
For the past week I have had a pain and redness in my groin. It feels like the back of my penis but it's hard to tell. It doesn't feel like pain is coming from the urethra, until tonight.
I am married but have had a number of instances with other men. These have all been mutual masturbation, apart from a few instacnes of recieving oral, the last of which was over a year ago. Al very brief (less than a minute) Have been tested just before that for HIV,Hepaptis, Syph, Chlymidia and Gono. Again tested for Chlymdia and Gono in Dec, but had just finished a course of antibiotics (for a sore throat) at the time, so don't know how accurate that would be.
So just over a week ago I had another mutual masturbation incident with another male. I never touched him.
Around 2 days later my penis head was really sore. I get a lot of nerve pain and psoriasis pain there, so put it down to that. It has got worse and worse and usually using lotriderm works (I only use it when I have to)
It's now really quite uncomfortable so went to the GP and they have prescribed ore antibiotics due to traces of blood in the urine. The redness is coming and going but the pain is sore most of the time now. No pain in the testes. Had a clear discharge prior to this (over previous few months) maybe 2 or 3 times,but first thing in the morning. No smell and def clear. I'm 51. Never had full sex with any other male.
Could this still be an sti? I'm going out of my mind with worry. I am a natural worrier and can't get my stupidity out of my mind. I don't want to risk my wife's health and everything is telling me it is not an sti,but because of where it is I can't help but worry.
Please can somoene put my mind at ease?
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Please can someone give me re-assurance? Please?
Now peeing all the time. Been taking antibiotics for uti and not got much better. Not sure if burning when peeing is always really obvious?
Pain in my teste, but have that regular anyway. Just not since this re-started up again. That comes and goes.
Would really appreciate somoene adding in, cos keep googling and keep worrying I am the exception. :(
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Anyone? Please?
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You definitely didn't catch anything from mutual masturbation, if you got anything it would be from the oral, and again those chances are not very likely. Wait till the antibiotics are done and do a full panel, test for herpes 1 and 2 only the igg not the igm, it's inaccurate and shows false positives too often. Just ease your mind, it's probably nothing but sense you have a long term partner, it's better to be safe for their sake.
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Thanks very much for your reply.
I am now sore all the time and seriously going out of my mind with worry.
I am in the UK and all the GUM clinics are Mon-Frui only.
I ahve no discharge and it;s not a UTI as all clear on that front. No herpes blisters and I check everytigndown there regularly so won't have missed anything.
Is there anythign anyone can suggest, please, please, please?
I cannot believe I have been this stupid. Is there anythign other than an STI that can cause this?
I have pain in my left teste but have had this for a few years and it generally occures with nerve pain in my left leg and sometimes general nerve pain. Never had any herpes blisters.
Please if you can help settle me as I ma literally going out of my mind.
I have definitely donenothing other than that oral exposure and mutual masturbation.
Totally freaking out, please help.
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I should add that there is no swelling in the teste and ultrasound and urologist see no issues with that other than nerve pain.
The teste pain is intermittent.
Please help, please
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Could this be prostatitis?
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