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Please help - possible gonorrhea/chlamydia

So I am in a 3-month relationship in which I have unprotected sex...I was tested but my partner was not. I guess I trusted him enough to believe he is STD-free (I know, not smart).  I did not have any problems or symptoms until two days ago. Unfortunately, I was unfaithful just one time with an ex-boyfriend. We were completely protected the whole time and he did not ejaculate. I am probably paranoid because he is promiscuous and gave me chlamydia many years ago after unprotected sex. Anyway, I had myself tested 7 full days after protected sex with the ex-boyfriend. Everything came back negative.  But literally a few hours after the test, I started developing symptoms (itching, slight burning, soreness). I went to urgent care today and they gave me medication for bacterial vaginosis, and said there is bacteria, blood, and mucus in my urine. I am guessing it's a urinary tract infection, but the doctor said I should really be tested for chlamydia/gonorrhea again. He said that 7 days may have been too early. Of course, I know I may be at risk from my actual boyfriend (more likely), but my question is strictly about the exposure I had with the promiscuous ex-boyfriend...since it was protected and I waited a full 7 days, isn't that pretty reliable for the chlamydia/gonorrhea test?  I would really appreciate any advice. Thank you.
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If it was protected sex in my heart I feel you should be ok for Chlymidia etc.

I am a male and got it from an ex- g/f and with no symptoms gave it to someone months later.

I would get tested and be honest with your b/f and ask him if he would get tested as well.

I'm not going to preach too you, but seems you knew ex-b/f gets around and previously infected you, just curious to why sleep with him?

I just recently found out I was exposed to genital herpes and warts. Waiting on results but knowing someone knew they had it and never told me they had it angers me.
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Protected sex-no real risk and 7 days is fine for testing for chlamydia.
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Yes, it was stupid of me to sleep with that guy again after I know his history. So I am sure I'm also feeling a TON of anxiety because of guilt. However, knowing my current boyfriend, I do not think it's a good idea to mention anything to him about cheating, and I will not specifically mention chlamydia/gonorrhea unless I have it.  But yes, saying we both should get tested together is a good idea.  Best of luck with your tests, I really hope it turns out okay for you!
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Thank you for your comment.  I know people say things like "condoms only reduce the risk," but if it didn't break, I really don't see how I could have gotten chlam/gono from the guy.  If I have any STDs they more likely came from my boyfriend that I've been having unprotected sex with. I should get the results soon, fingers crossed.
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That reduced risk line that is used is because of broken condoms and being conservative. You can get herpes and HPV with a condom use but something like gonorrhea and/or chlamydia while not impossible is very unlikely.
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