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Please help.. Very concerned

About 7 weeks ago I had an encounter with a female that told me she had a high number of other casual encounters. During the encounter I give her unprotected oral sex and had protected vaginal sex. A couple weeks later I got a bump on near my penis. Since I knew I recently shaved the area I decided to stop shaving there for a while and the bump went away. I also went and got a 4th generation HIV test 17 days after the encounter and got a STD Panel test (Chlamydia gonorrhoa HSV 1 HSV 2 Hep C Syphilis and Hep B) a little over 6 weeks after the encounter. Everyone of those test came back negative. How likely is it that I got HIV or another STD and should I continue to be concerned? Thanks for the help
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Hi, you had no risk for HIV  and giving a female oral is next to zero for gono and chlamydia so that would rule out the more contagious ones. No real concern.
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What about HSV 1 and 2?
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