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Please help

Dear Dr, I have no where else to turn. I live in canada and I'm 29 years old. Family history of type 1 & 2 diabetes and hyperthyroid. On aug 2007 I presented with symptoms that were rather scary. I had a rash on the right side of my penis. Also with fever and I was feeling very tired. I went to a walk in (as i don't have a family Dr.) And the GP said that the rash looked bacterial, she gave me fucidin and sent me on my way. She said if after the rash disappears I get pain like pins and needles then its shingles. Thats exactly what happened for five months and i still get that pain from time to time on the right side of my penis shaft. Not to mention that the right lymph node had swelled and still is with moderate pain. I had an affair that ended in June of that year and I was convinced that I had hiv or hep. I was screened for everything from hiv to the clap.Everything was fine, and yes I did wait 6 months before getting tested again and everything was still fine. Actually all tests were fine. I've seen 2 rheumatologists and a infectious disease pract. and they say there are no signs of disease.....? The only tests to come out positive were ESR was 30. Lymphocytes was 3.9 and wbc 11.0 and a abdominal ultrasound showed a 2 cm growth on the liver, 4 months later the growth was gone, and build up of plaque in the sinuses membrane. (did i mention I smoke 1 pack a day)Also a eye test showed loss of colour vision. Oral thrush on tongue. And absolutely no reflex on right foot.
From august 2007 till now I'm still sick. I have migrating muscle twitches, headaches that shoot to my right eye, loss of colour vision, chronic sinus pain. sore lymph nodes on neck, tightness under the chin. ear pain, oral thrush on tongue, Joint and muscle aches especially on right shoulder, elbow and hands. Feeling of pins and needles on hands and feet. Periods switching from constipation to diarrhea, liver pain. Serious pain where lymph node is swollen on right side of pelvis. Burning when urinating. Increased urination. Excessive hunger, weight gain. Did I mention diabetes and thyroid tests were within normal limits. Please help me or point me in the right direction. Thank you so much for hearing me today if you want to know anything else just ask and i will reply.
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This is not an std related issue.  You should post in men's health or undiagnosed symptoms forums.

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