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Possable Genital Warts ""I NEED HELP""

My Penis is covered in bumps and i am told that it looks like genital warts. my girlfriend was cheeting on me last year before we broke up and i think i got HPV from her. That is what is causing the warts. IS THERE ANY OVER THE COUNTER meds or crream i can get to make them go away?  Are there any home remides? Some say lots of garlic tablets will get rid of them.. Some say treat them with white vinegar for 20 min 3 times a day, the acid in the vinegar is sapose to make them go away. Or can i get that wart remover from tha drug store that freezes them off  like (Dr Shools Freeze Zone) its a home treatment thing for warts on your skin but it dont say you can use it on your genitals. Yooou guys got any sugestions other going to my DR. because i did that once and he gave me Cyclonivir. and it didnt work. I took 5 800mg tabs daily for 15 days and nothing changed. ANY HELP IS APPERCIATED
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most important answer to your questions:

do NOT use OTC wart treatments.  they will NOT work for genital warts and WILL irritate them.

garlic tablets will not make them go away, but garlic is very good for your immune system, which is what fights the virus.  so eating healthy is beneficial, but don't expect an overnight miracle.

i haven't heard that vinegar works, but i don't think it would hurt.

can't remember your other questions..
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there is absolutely nothing we can help you with at this point jeffrey. You need to stop posting online on the boards and go be seen by a medical professional, find out what you have and ask about treatment modalities there.  Do not attempt to self diagnose and/or self treat. go be seen and get a professional opinion.

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For what it's worth, I have HPV (not sure what kind, my symptoms really do constitute a "borderline case" between high and low risk varieties) and have joined PositiveSingles.com. On that site, there's alot of Buzz about Apple Cider Vinegar. Many people who have tried many other, more medically sound treatments without success have written in to endorse it. Since it's so cheap and appearently harmless, I thought I'd give it a try myself. Results, it definately does something, though I think it's probably more effective for people who have traditional "genital warts" than those that have a subclinical infection under their skin.

What you do is buy cotton balls or pads, soak them in the vinegar, and apply them to the skin. You then need to hold them on to the area, I suggest medical tape or gauze. Either way, leave it on as long as you can, it may sting and be a bit uncomfortalbe, but it's nothing I've found to be unbearable. It's not clear how much or how often your supposed to do this. Some people report results after doing it for a few days in a row, others say a few days a week for several weeks. The key seems to be to look out for the following: that the bumps or area turns ghostly white and swells a bit, and a few hours to a day later, starts to turn black and scabby. If this process occurs, then it means you have some kind of HPV in your skin that is reacting to, and being killed by, the vinegar. How much it can help in your particular case is not clear. and it is also not clear whether this is a real "treatment" that helps you clear the infection, or just something that helps keep symptoms under control. Either way, though, I think it's worth a try. More people that I communicate wtih seem to have success with this cheap, simple method than all the people paying a fortune for cryotherapy, laser therapy, Aldara or any other  "standard" treatment. Good Luck!
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