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Possible HSV infection

About 6 weeks ago I had a possible exposure to stds. I had protected oral sex with a prostitute but touched her vagina and then masturbated. I had not had any sores that I’m aware of but I have had slight discomfort in my testicles and tip of penis as well as a small amount of itching all over my body which I don’t know if it’s due to an actual std or stress and anxiety. I went to a dermatologist and had him check out a couple small sores on the inside of my lip. He said he doesn’t think it’s herpes but it does resemble some type of viral sore. If this is herpes why would it show up on my lip on not my penis where the possible exposure was? Also, if I had an outbreak wouldn’t it appear on on my genitals and lips at the same time if I did have hsv? Any insight is greatly appreciated!
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Did your doctor culture these sores?

If this is herpes - and your doctor doesn't think they are - you used a condom. Perhaps that protected your genitals from her mouth. Did you kiss her? That could have transmitted hsv1 - though your doctor doesn't think this is herpes.

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Yes, he did. The results were negative and have been for all of the other std tests I’ve ran over the past couple months. This has left me wondering why I was experiencing these symptoms for so long.
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