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Possible Infection

Hi. For several years I've had some re-occurrence of dry, cracked, flaky skin on my penis. At one point a doctor ran me through some questions and said "probably Psoriasis" but it was not present at the time. It's almost always in the same 3-4 locations, sometimes only 1 spot, sometimes more. Each occurrence is brought on by either more than average masturbation, or, rougher longer lasting intercourse than normal, or more frequent intercourse than normal. Some lubricants (KY for example) also really irritate me. Typically I get some patchy dry skin, maybe cracked, and it goes away in a few days (more if I don't leave it alone). Recently I had a very long night of intercourse and was typically chaffed up. I made the mistake of picking at it, and tore some skin. The skin got very, very angry, opened up into more of a lesion, and the surrounding cracked skin also got much more irritated. It's taking longer to heal this time, and I'm wondering if I could have infected it possibly. It's been about a week, and for the past 4 days or so it does seem to get better every day. I've noticed a couple little scabby areas. I've seem some pictures similar to Herpes, but, I did not have any tingling, burning, itching, no blisters that formed and broke, no fever. It was a chaffed piece of skin that I opened up by picking at it that started this all off. My main question I guess is does this all sound reasonable? I am now somehow worried that I may have a latent staph infection or something that occurs, or have a skin cancer. Any help?
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no reason to think cancer!

Have you ever sought out type specific herpes igg blood testing?

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I went through this for years. One time the cracked skin even got infected. Mine simply went away on it's own. After years. However. AD ointment was what my doc recommended and it did help
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