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In the past, I had an unfaithful boyfriend. When we broke up, I started to get a discharge, fishy smell. I thought I had herpes or something and got checked. Nope. All clear.
Instead, the doctor said I was showing early signs of chlamydia and to take some pills for two weeks.
It disappeared. But during a very hasty move, I lost my pills and didn't get to take them all.
The discharge stayed gone up until now.
Now, the discharge is VERY VERY dark brown, and it smells like I'm ovulating only 10x worse.
It's a lot of discharge and has ruined some of my favorite pants.
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It's very strange that you got the all clear but then your doctor said he thought you had early signs of chlamydia. Since you're still having discharge I recommend contacting your doctor again. This isn't herpes though and I don't think this sounds like an other STD either.
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Is there a colored discharge with herpes? Is it brown, rusty red, scentless, normal texture? My biggest fear is herpes. If I have that, I'm done.
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Discharge isn't a symptom of herpes. Painful blisters that burst and then become open sores are herpes symptoms. Let us know what the doctor says.
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I'm going tomorrow. I'll keep ya updated. :)
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