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Possible STD encounter with escort

I wanted to ask about an encounter I had with a low class escort- white female about 28 years old.  Her apartment was most definitely one of the most disgusting places I've ever seen.  She had multiple cats and it looked like a very poor environment in a bad neighborhood.  I am a 25 year old male who was tested last January 9th last with all negative results. This woman lured me in with fake pictures... This was approximately 4 days ago and I received protected oral sex for no longer than 10-15 minutes on her bed.  The condom was intact throughout and she placed her hand in my thigh extremely briefly as well as on my scrotum.  I was extremely hesitant to engage with her because she claimed that she had eczema and look liked it was covering most of her body- I tried to have as little skin contact with her as possible.  She had red patches on her body and extremely dry + cracked/flaky skin on her hands.  When I asked her about it she said she was clean and that she breaks out from time to time and that she was tested monthly for stds. Her condition made me worry significantly about HSV and scabies.  I do not recall her having any abrasions on or around her lip.  Given that I only received oral sex from her while properly using a condom- do I need to worry about stds from this encounter?  Is testing necessary for me?  Usually I would not ask such a question but her skin condition has me extremely anxious.  And finally there seems to be all sorts of misinformation across the Internet leaving me both confused and concerned.  I had called the STD hotline and I've seen my urologist since the encounter, though I did not state anything to either about her skin.  Regardless both suggested that I did not need tests and my encounter was almost zero risk for all STDs.  

I wanted to ask specifically what my risks would be for scabies, HSV and HPV ?  I am extremely concerned about scabies and do not want to pass something like this onto my family/pets because of the stupid decision I made.  Please help me with any advice you might have.  I have taken two bleach baths and I have also used Hydrogen Peroxide on my body in the shower.  

I have not been vaccinated for HPV but I plan on doing so in the next month or so.  
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You had no risk
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Thank you for your reply.  I've been feeling anxious about this and hopefully with time the anxiety/guilt will pass.  
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If you were in my situation would you test?
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Ok. Last comment- I promise.  Let's just say theoretically that she had scabies: what might be the risk of that spreading ?
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I have some dryness underneath one of my eyes.  I've attributed this to the cold winter weather.  I was slightly worried still though that this could be a symptom of syphilis.  It is dry and flaky, and feels like a itchy sunburn.  Do I need to test or should I not worry ? Thank you again for your time- it is very much appreciated.
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