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Possible STD symptoms after sexual exposure?

On nov 1 last year I had a risky exposure.
Brief oral sex with unknown man.
I tested negative for hiv at 52 days with 4th generation elisa.
I've been experiencing though some coughing, bloating and as from saturday severe stomach pain. I've also been experiencing constipation with some episodes of diarrhea.  
Sometimes bloating includes a little nausea but never actual vomiting. Usually stomach pain occurs on the upper part of the stomach 3 to 4 hours after eating, whereas bloating happens on the lower part, around the pelvis.
I also got an intermitent flu in december.
If this is not HIV can they be symptoms of any other STD???? if not from the november event, probably from a previous happening....

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Has nothing to do with a STD. See a Dr if concerned.
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Are you sure it has nothing to do with an STD?
I've read Hepatitis B and gonorrhea can cause stomach pain.

I'm going to the doctor today and I don't know whereas I should bring up the STD suject or not. Thing is I didn't have anything to eat last night yet the pain in my stomach came back.

How can I tell if it is related to an STD or not?
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