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Possible Unprotected Sex with a Sex Worker Hong Kong

Hi All,

Apologies as I did post this in HIV forum initially but I am really concerned and lookin for a broader answer/opinion if possible.

I did something really stupid this weekend. I’m in a long term relationship, never cheated or wanted to cheat but I got so drunk this weekend in Hong Kong I did something I’m regretting terribly.

Not sure what happened, black out drunk, all I remember is arriving at a flat with two girls, obviously prostitutes, I definitely received unprotected oral sex from them and at one point one received oral sex from me. I vaguely remember thinking at least she had a condom but to be honest I don’t remember actually having sex or if there was a condom.

I am feeling terrible, so so guilty, I’ve not slept in 2 days, no appetite, loose bowels I suspect/hope with fear and worry. I have a small red lump appeared within my public hair but I think it’s just an in grown hair. The tip of my penis has felt a bit tender, I can feel it in my boxers which I can’t normally and feel like there’s some red marks and moisture under my foreskin that it’s normally there.
Not sure if these are real indicators of something or if I’m making it happen by fixating on it...

Am I hugely at risk for STD’s or worse? I read about HIV 1, 2 and p24 tests you can do at home. If I did this after 3 weeks would it be accurate?

Any advice would be amazing, as you can imagine, tearing myself a part, I have no idea what came over me. Following the episode they stole my phone, my money and a car dumped me at the hotel. Feel like I’ve ruined my life.
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So first - if you do have something, your life is not ruined. Second, chances are pretty low that you do.

From receiving oral sex, you could get gonorrhea, herpes type 1 (if you don't already have it), syphilis and NGU. The most likely of these is NGU, which is an infection in your urethra and can be caused by normal mouth bacteria entering the urethra.

Performing oral on a woman is even lower risk, and you'd be at risk for gonorrhea in your throat and syphilis. Chances of these from oral on a woman is slim, especially if the woman had no sores.

You can test for gonorrhea and NGU at 3-5 days.

You can test for herpes now to see if you already have type 1 - many do and most never get cold sores/oral outbreaks. If it's negative, you can test again at 4 months, but if you don't get symptoms, I wouldn't overly worry about this.

You can test for syphilis at 6 weeks, though it takes some people up to 3 months. If you don't get symptoms after 6 weeks, I wouldn't worry about it.

I read your thread in HIV, and agree that you aren't at risk for HIV from this. I know you are concerned that possibly intercourse happened that you aren't aware of, which would be highly unusual, but if you are concerned, test with the DUO test at 28 days. Remember though that if you remember the oral, you'd probably remember the intercourse.

Try not to freak. Most people aren't infected with an STD. Yes, this wouldn't be good for your relationship, most likely, but try not to catastrophize this. Guilt doesn't equal risk.
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Hi there, thank you so much for your reply and sorry if I seem a bit neurotic I’m just so scared.
Having not eaten in 2/3 days really or slept without just laying awake and really sweating probably isn’t helping...

Could a NGU be the reason my penis does feel a little more sensitive and is seemingly a little more moist or oily under the foreskin than usual?

With regards to HIV I think it’s the complete lack of memory of what happened that’s terrifying me, literally no idea how I got there then it’s maybe 20-30 seconds of memory about some of the sex acts then 20 seconds of remembering being carried into a car and realizing they had my phone, I didn’t realize about the money until the following morning...

Thanks again for your reassurance, I think I’m just overly sensitive to every little thing with my body, looking for something and like you said the guilty, know it will crush her when I get back.  
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The left side of my lower stomach/groin, I believe it’s my inguinal lymph node has been getting more tender during the day and now has a burning sensation, does this change anything?
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It could be NGU, or it could be a hyper-awareness of your body. The only way to know is to test. They'll most likely have you pee in a cup.

Lymph nodes are something we always think we know are swollen, but really, only a doctor can tell this, unless you have significant history with this.

Your symptoms don't really change anything. You had a risk for some STDs. You need to test. You could be paying a lot of attention to every tic and twinge in your body, or you could actually be having symptoms. In any case, you need to test to find out. That's the only way you'll know. Endless speculation won't solve anything.

I know the waiting seems unbearable, but if this happened Saturday, you can test on Thursday.
Thank you so much for your advice, I’m not sure what’s happening... I thought it might be in my head by the pain and burning feeling is quite intense, more so than the swelling.
Unfortunately I am travelling around some more remote areas and don’t think I’ll be able to get tested for almost 16 days.
Struggling quite bad but you’re reassurances has genuinely helped a little, I can’t wait to get tested, how is a NGU tested for? Struggling to find the exact answer, would that come up in a chlamydia/gonorrhoea test?
Sorry for taking up your time, I appreciate there’s a lot of people, I’ll try not to message again I until I can test...
Appreciate your advice
Thank you so much for your response, genuinely really appreciate it.

I did wonder if it was in my head but the pain and burning is quite intense, more so than the swelling.

Struggling to find exactly how a NGU is tested for, is that caught with chlamydia and gonorrhoea?
Apologies for all the questions I’ll try not to put up any more until I’m tested, I appreciate there’s a lot of people posting questions.
Thank you again
Not sure where you are, but most places have you pee in a cup, then look for white blood cells in your urine. After that, the urine is used to test for gonorrhea and chlamydia. (You aren't at risk for chlamydia if all you did was oral but the tests are often run together.)

Let us know when you test.
I’ll let you know when I’m tested, I don’t think it will be for at least another week to ten days :(
Also I’m still not eating or sleeping yet and having terrible night sweats, reading up I’m really really worried I have had intercourse without and condom and contracted HIV... crying in my work toilets yesterday and meeting my fiance in the coming days...
Really worried about how little of the whole evening I remember
Please talk to your doctor about anxiety as well. I know you feel tremendous guilt, but you may need some assistance getting through this.
Hi Auntiejessi,
Just to let you know I tested for chlamydia, gonorrhoea, trichomonasis, gardnerella, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, herpes 1, herpes 2, HIV, syphilis and Hep B.

But they have said I tested too early for HIV, syphilis and Hep B.
Still very upset and worried about HIV if I’m honest, I had basically every ARS symptom between the 3rd and 14th day post possible exposure, started to feel better until 22 days after when I developed sore achy muscles in my legs and painful/stiff swelling either side of my neck which isn’t shifting. I’ve read this can develop after the main symptoms of HIV but prior to it being detectable in the blood...

I appreciate many people on here believe most poster’s are worrying unnecessarily but my symptoms and anxiety is very real... Thank you again for all your kind words previously, I have found a English speaking laboratory who send home test kits in Japan, I will retest at 30 days on their advice
Apologies forgot to say tested Negative! The important bit!
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Your HIV questions were already answered in our HIV Prevention forum - https://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV-Prevention/ARS-Recurrence-and-Timelines--/show/3044735

I totally agree with them, if that helps.

The only thing you can do now is wait. I'm surprised you haven't been vaccinated for hep B. There is a vaccine for that, and you should talk to your doctor about it.

I'd be very surprised if anything else comes back positive.

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Yeah, I know the HIV group said I would just have to wait and test again. I just thought I’d update you on my results as I said I would.
Also I believe I am vaccinated against Hep B, not a concern I was just relaying what I was told.

Fingers crossed and thanks again
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