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Possible hsv exposure with SW, unusual symptoms - please help

Hello Medhelp Community,

Earlier today, (about 16 hrs back) I was involved in an encounter of protected vaginal sex with a csw. It lasted for about 20 minutes. At the end, when we finished the condom was not broken. I had checked and it was intact. For most of the intercourse I was at the back and she was leaning forward (d*ggie style) and there was a brief 2-3 minutes in the missionary position. I had the condom on the whole time right till the end.

Before the encounter, I had checked for obvious sores and didn't see any irritated or scabbed skin near her vagina (the light there was dim). Her skin looked intact at a glance.

I came back and immediately had a shower and washed my genital area with soap/shampoo. When I went to the bathroom in the evening the area aound the urethra and under the head was blood red. Like very red, something I've not seen before. I touched that part and there was no blood but it looked very red and stressed, as if it were a cut. Also I had a bit of pain during the day in around the penis region. Also I had masturbated once in the afternoon today.

I am really worried about my symptoms as of now. I haven't seen that sort of a sight before. For my encounter, it was deep intense sex where the genitals rubbed and I was feeling some heat down there at the time. Plus masturbated in the afternoon.

For the csw, I have visited her before and she said she gets tested. I had seen one of her negative hiv reports a few months back, like last year. I don't know her current status as of now. I take the hiv test (4th gen ELISA) about once in 6 months and my last result was negative - a week back. There was only one protected sexual exposure between the last time I had sex and the test (keeping 4 weeks in mind). It was with the same woman. I have not tested for hsv or any other STDs recently as I never developed any sores or unusual symptoms to go ahead with any medically advised tests. I will get tested now.

I totally repent my actions now and am really worried. Please help. Does this sound like initial herpes? I read a lot threads in the forum and it seems like symptoms start from about 2 days after intercourse. But I can't say. Please advice.

Thank you Medhelp Community.
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It is not herpes.
Herpes never starts 16 hrs after exposure and no STI does.
You cannot get herpes on the tip of your penis during a protected intercourse.
What made it look red is irritation from friction + your feeling of guilt made it look worse than it is.
When you are too worried, you may feel all sorts of sensations like pain or itching, usually mild and intermittent.
Good job choosing safe sex and do not worry.
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Thank you for the advice gobrick2000. It is very assuring at this time. The redness seems to have reduced over the last 2 days. And it wasn't directly painful. I think it was because of friction.

But I do have some discomfort in and around my penis today. I did not notice an active outbreak with her but I can't fully say as the light there was dim. If she did have hsv, what are my chances of having contracted the disease from this episode? There was rubbing and friction between genitals for 15 -20 minutes.

Yes the guilt is very punishing. Has left me devastated. I don't think I'll ever be involved in such an act again. But thank you for the response. It really helped.
Your risk is very low.
You had protected sex and inspected your partner for genital sores, you did everything in your power to minimize your risk. For now your anxiety is a real problem. Stop slapping yourself and move on.
If you are not convinced, you should wait for AuntieJessie reply, she is really knowledgeable on the subject.
I answered this in the Herpes forum. Let's pick that one and stick with it since it's about herpes and in the herpes forum. :)

I totally agree with grobick, who gave similar advice to what I said in your other thread.
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