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Possible of any STI infection from these activity ??

Long story shorts 2 days ago i am trying something different with my sex life. While getting badly drunk, I am using transgender Commercial sex worker service. And now it’s leaving me with quite anxiety issue. During the activity there is no anal penetration, as i cannot erect at all, but for some reason i am still wanna try and going with the play. The sex worker giving me a unprotected oral, but i am not sure whenever she has sore or cut in her mouth, in total all of the activity maybe took around 15-30 mins. After the that we are throbbing our penis together, I noticed; she have  some precum but i not sure how to describe alot of precum or few, because i never pay attention, even for myself. Continued with some masturbation, i am giving to her and after he is cummin she is giving to me, the issue is: i let her fingering my ass with lubes, and i am not sure if her hand is clean from all precum or her sperm, as she is wiling herself. Is there any chances i am getting sti from this activity ?? Mainly hiv or syphilis ?? Should i get tested?? If yes, when should i get it and what type of test would anyone recomend ??

If there’s a risk can anyone kind enough to describe how big is the risk ?? And for what reason ??
Fyi all of this activity happen in Thailand.

Ps: her sperm when ejaculating is in really small quantity, as she is taking hormones atm.
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Hey bro! Im sure AJ or someone will comment with more information but ill try to help if I can! So your exposure is essentially unprotected oral and masturbation. Are there risks? Yes. But not HUGE risks. Lets break it down.

Sex worker generally have a better understanding of sexual health and get tested at regular intervals. Obviously if they have something then that would hinder their work, right? Saying that im unsure of  the general population of Thailand and their sexual health clinics.

Receiving Oral Sex - has different risks than giving oral sex. So what should you be concerned about? There is a risk the other person had Gonorrhoea and chlamydia in their throat. For this to transmit ideally she should have been deepthroating but you said you couldnt get erect so unlikely this happened. Even then Oral sex is not a good way to transmit STIs for many biological factors so wouldnt worry about that personally. Syphilis you say is a concern. Is it a real concern? Maybe but still unlikly. For the bacteria to pass to you, your penis would need to rub an active sore called a chancre. Usually around the 2 to 3 week mark if you dont see a sore on your penis you are generally fine. Again oral sex is not a good way to pass bugs.

There is a risk of herpes if she has an active infection but if you didnt see any sores around her mouth I wouldnt worry. Alot of people have the virus anyway.

HIV is not risk.

Mutual masturbation offers no risk for anything. Theres a theoretical risk of anal fingering and frottaging but realistically no risk.  

If you are concerned by all means get tested at 6 weeks to rule everything out but if it comes back I will be surprised! Keep calm and dont let anxiety control you.

for  testing....

Chlamydia/Gono - 2 weeks
HIV - 4 weeks (4th gen)
Syph - 6 weeks.

Sorry for the rush at the end... just seen the time and need to go to work!
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Hi, sillymistake87, thank you for helping me to ease my anxiety a lil bit. As to sum up the risk i am afraid of is:

Unprotected oral
Fingering with posibble precum / cum in her hand.

I did read and well informed with some of sti transmission, as in the past my ex girlfriends having genital herpes (I have huge sti anxiety back then and read, lots of sti article), both of us got tested for HIV and other sti i forgot which one, all negatives but it’s 2 years ago. Now this experience just came back to me and starting to affect my life, the more i read the more confuse with the possible risk i have.

Can you please confirm me or give me a good resources for sti regarding:

How big is the risk of unprotected oral (receiver) to catch hiv ?? With sores or not, and how exactly sores in mouth can give hiv to oral receiver ?? I mean i can understand sores in mouth will be risky for giver but for receiver ??

I read alot of contradicting article about possibilites for contracting sti (hiv) from fingering with precum (if there’s a tear in rectum), lots of article said the virus in precum usually died straight away, while the other said the virus can life for a while thus its might infect the receiver. I would like to know which sources i can rely on and which is not ??
Sillymistake gave you a great answer. :)

I'm going to repeat a lot of it.

Fingering with precum - no risk at all. There is too much movement and exposure to air for this to result in transmission of anything. Hands never transmit anything.

Throbbing, which I think you mean rubbing your penises together, is very low risk. It could result in transmission of syphilis, herpes and HPV/genital warts, but it depends on how much friction there was. It would take a LOT of friction for this to happen. It's not something I'd worry about. This is one of those risks where it could happen in theory, so we mention it, but isn't likely at all to happen.

Receiving unprotected oral sex - you could get gonorrhea, chlamydia, NGU (an infection in the urethra), syphilis and hsv1 genitally from this. Syphilis is uncommon is most places globally, so I wouldn't worry too much about this. If you do get it, you'll get a sore, usually around 3 weeks. If you already have hsv1, you can't get this again genitally.

You can get for gonorrhea, chlamydia and NGU at about 5 days after the encounter.

There is no risk for HIV at all from this.

Oral sex is much lower risk than vaginal or anal sex. Most experts don't think oral sex is enough to warrant testing unless you get symptoms.

It seems as if you have some anxiety. I don't know if it's limited to STIs, or just general, but if it's general, don't hesitate to talk to someone about it.
Hey guys thank you for clear answer. @auntiejessi you’re right i am having anxiety issue in general. I was try avoid alcohol in the past, but with whole working from home and not much socializing is resorting me to find drinking buddies and it’s proven too much for me, and thus my stupid mistake.

As for my last question, i do plan myself to get checked following sillymistake suggestion. However if i going to do it in one go (i will probabbly do siphilis test together with hiv) which is 4 weeks from now is the result will be accurate enough ?
You don't need an HIV test. You had no risk for that at all. Both Silly and I told you there was no risk for HIV from this.

If you want to test for syphilis, wait until 6 weeks, but if you don't get a sore, you don't need to test for that. The sore won't appear for at least 2 weeks, usually appears around 3 weeks.

Only test to put your mind at ease. As both AJ and myself have said your risk was so low it is not worth thinking about.
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