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Possible penile discharge, STI?


I am a 35 year old male. About a week ago I had brief unprotected oral and protected sex with a stripper. I had not noticed any symptoms, then on the 5th day I thought I saw a spot that was discharge in my underwear. I was aroused earlier so I shrugged it off as due to that. Yesterday I went through my day, no arousal. I looked in my underwear after urinating in the middle of the day and noticed three white spots in my underwear. None were very big but they were in the area where the penis tip would be. I have not had a discharge since that moment. I have had no other symptoms either. I have had gonorrhea about a decade ago but this discharge felt nothing like that time.

I have scheduled a 10 panel test, but want to see what does everyone think the likelihood of it being Gonorrhea or Chalmydia? I did have unprotected sex with a girl I know two days after so I am concerned about possibly infecting her.

Thank you!
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The oral was me receiving.
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You could have NGU, which is an infection in the urethra, and can be caused by normal mouth bacteria. Are you getting the 10 panel test from STDCheck? They don't include NGU.

And you don't need all that. You had protected sex, and unprotected oral. You're at risk for gonorrhea, chlamydia (this is unlikely, but possible), NGU, syphilis (uncommon, but possible, and doesn't fit your symptoms), and genital herpes type 1 (if you don't already have hsv1), possibly genital herpes type 2.

The 10 panel from STDCheck includes hepatitis A, B and C, and while in theory you can get hep B from oral, there hasn't ever been a documented case of it. Hep A is spread through fecal matter (poop), and is almost always spread through contaminated foods. Hep C is spread only by blood, usually by sharing needles for drug use. If A and C are spread sexually, it's rare and is almost always by unprotected anal sex.

Oral sex is much lower risk than unprotected sex, but it's still possible. I'd rather you go to an STD clinic, where they can check your urine for white blood cells, which is how NGU is diagnosed. If you have NGU, your partner needs to be treated, too.

I don't know where you are, and what's opened and closed because of covid, but if you're in the US, call your local health dept and ask about STD testing.

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Thank you! I am in the US. I did get the 10 panel from STDcheck. I will also go into my local health department. I did notice that I have had discharge about once a day now. I suspect it will be a positive for Gonorrhea, but it may be NGU as well.
Keep me posted on what happens. Good luck!
Hi Jessi,

I just got my results back from STDcheck. I was positive for Chlamydia but negative for Gonorrhea. I'm going to get antibiotics in the next day or so a well as contacting my partners.
Thanks for the follow up. Definitely let your partners know, and take your antibiotics as directed. It will likely be azithromycin, 1 gram taken once (take this all at one time), or doxycycline 100 mg twice a day for 7 days.

Don't have sex for 7 days, no matter which meds you get, and don't have sex with any previous partners until you know they've been treated and it's been 7 days since they've completed treatment.

You don't need to be checked for NGU. The meds for chlamydia will cure NGU if you have it.

No problem. I told my partners and I'm going to take the antibiotics. Crazy that I am sure I got it from the stripper, which would mean the Chlamydia was from oral sex which I know is rare.

One follow up. I told my partners to be treated and get tested. What is the chance that I did not pass on the infection to the person I slept with a few days after the encounter with the stripper?
I have no proof of this, but it seems that chlamydia from oral is becoming more common. We're hearing about it more here, anyway.

The most recent person - it was unprotected, correct? Chances are decent that you passed it on to her. They are definitely high enough that you need to tell her so she can get tested and treated so as not to reinfect you or cause her any serious complications from an untreated case. I don't know what your situation is with her, but not telling her could cause her serious, long-term harm. She could get a pelvic infection called pelvic inflammatory disease, where the infection spreads throughout her pelvis, which can cause sepsis (blood poisoning), long-term pain and infertility.
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That is interesting. I wonder what has made it possibly more common than before.

Yes that is correct, it was unprotected. I did tell her to get tested and seek treatment. She can be skeptical so I wanted to know the odds of transfer.
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I don't know if it's better testing, or more testing after oral sex, or what.

She would be skeptical that you are telling her she needs to go get tested for chlamydia? Overall, there is a 40% chance of her getting chlamydia from you if it was a one-time, unprotected encounter, but I can't find any studies that show odds if it's a new infection, like 2 days, in your situation. I would assume it's at least the same.

Also, as you know now, if she performed oral on you, she could have it orally. If she has questions, she can come here and ask them. I'll tell her to get treated, for sure.
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