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Possible std/sti? exposure risk? Help!

Recently I had protected vaginal sex with a woman (unknown sexual history but active). She put what I guess was lube on her vagina and then handed me a condom out of the wrapper. She bent over and we did it doggy I was very careful not to go too far in to avoid skin contact but on one thrust I bumped in and her butt cheek touched my thigh and I after I finished she took the condom off with a towel so I don't know if the outside of the condom may of touched my penis. The next week I started feeling a stinging pain at the tip of my penis and urethra and itch around my bum hole and sack. The pain at my penis tip isn't really pain but a warm feeling like inflamed and if I masrurbate it in tender after, also if the tip rubs on my boxer shorts. It's been about 12 days since the incident and no bumps or blisters. So my question is does it sound like herpes or any other std or sti and was I at risk to exposure and how long would it take for blisters to appear after itching or pain? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Fungus? Balantis? What could it be?
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Hi since no part of your genital area made contact with hers none of what you mention would be from the affair but more an injury from the condom or from constant touching looking for things.
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