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Possible syphilis chancre on outer buttock?


On August 25 (little over three weeks ago) I had a sexual encounter with a man. I received a blowjob from him and he tried penetrating me, but apparently couldn't get hard enough. So I gave him a handjob and let him finish.

About a week ago, I noticed a painful, deep, under the skin red bump (basically like a pimple, though I'm hesitant to call it that) on my buttock, not near the butt crack area. I picked at it quite hard, hoping to pop it (I know, I'm an idiot), but that didn't work out and I left it.

A few days later an open sore broke out on it, mostly painless to the touch. Looks like this (https://d2dct7y3250e4n.cloudfront.net/ht-staging/user_answer/avatars/754905/large/open-uri20121219-11670-13oa0sr.jpeg?1355979758)

I am worried this might be a syphilis chancre, although it does not have firm borders and is not hard.

Very nervous about this.
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Hi, syphilis chancres are not under the skin but are topical so you should not be overly worried. If your concerned have a doc take a look.
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Thanks for responding!

Right, so it started out as a deep, under the skin painful red bump, but within a few days (and with me picking at it badly) it broke out into an open sore, topical as you say. That still not a problem?
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I cant confirm any diagnoses from this web site but as i said the chance is topical not under the skin..
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