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Potential STD Contraction

Hello all, I'm a younger male (in my 20s) who recently had protected sex with a stripper while on vacation. I'm well aware of how stupid my decision is and have no other excuse besides the alcohol and warm air. The sex happened this past Sunday the 28th around 3 in the morning (we had went out that Saturday and ended up at the club late that night). If it helps at all, it was a much nicer club in the touristy part. In essence, I've had some flu-like symptoms (which may or may not be attributed to my hangover and my severe anxiety/worry/lack of sleep), but no blisters. I've also had itching, but it hasn't been severe.. and now I'm not sure if this is just me over-thinking it or an STD. I will be getting tested later this week.

I am now very scared that I may have contracted an STD. I wish this was just my anxiety or worry, but I've been having some flu-like symptoms for the past few days... mainly a decent headache. I checked my temp early today and it was 97.5, which isn't a fever but I've read that sometimes there can just be fluctuations in temp or feeling like you have a fever. I still haven't had any "breakout" or cluster of sores or anything like that. However, the very next day (later on the 28th during the day) I noticed a few (2) spread out minuscule red bumps, but I had just shaved the night before and I don't believe symptoms could emerge that quickly from what I've read. I wish I had a picture, but from what I've read about online and seen from searching for mild herpes outbreaks.. they don't bear any resemblance.

My greatest cause for worry is that I've recently (in the past 16 hours or so) developed a semi-sore, irritated anus... including some sort of a rash looking thing directly beneath it. It's hard for me to position my body to even see it, but the pictures I've don't show anything that resembles herpes or any blisters at all for that manner. Furthermore, there wasn't any contact whatsoever between her and my anus/but/*******/balls/that region in any capacity. She immediately put a condom on me the second we took my pants off, so I'm curious the likelihood of contracting an STD like herpes? Also, I've had an upset stomach, but no discharge/anything like that.

I guess my questions would revolve around how quickly can I get tested? How likely is it that I've contracted herpes? How likely is that I've contracted another STD? I fear herpes the most, because it can't be cured. I would absolute hate to have crabs or anything like that, but at least I can take the proper medication and recover.

I will be seeing a doctor latter this week, but my anxiety has caused me to post here. Any night into anything I've said here would be greatly, greatly appreciated.
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I would prefer not to upload pictures on this site (if that is even possible), but If anyone would be willing to take a look at the rash/my genitals in general and give me their take it would be appreciated. I know I need to go see a doctor, but I'm just thinking in the immediate short-term.
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Lastly, is it possible to have severe flu-like symptoms without the blister outbreak and still have contracted an STD- especially during the initial outbreak? As in, will blisters not occurring in any capacity during the initial outbreak mean I did not contract herpes?
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Protected sex=no real risk.
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You had protected sex which is great against bacterial infections and hiv although some viral std's like herpes or hpv could be easily contracted with only skin to skin contact no matter the area of the body(incluiding thr shaft). First symptoms of herpes take 2-6 weeks to develop, the good news are: after the first flare up the infection tends to lessens its damaging effects and it's not a life treatening condition on it's own although it becomes a risk factor for contraction of hiv in the future.  Hpv may not present symptoms and if contracted it's very likekly you're body resolve that in a year or so.

Other than that you may be safe.. But be careful
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