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Potential STD?

I had protected vaginal sex and unprotected oral sex twice with a sex worker in 2015, once in October and once in March.  I have felt fine until late last week.  Symptoms:

Dull Ache in right groin, mostly in the "crease" under the scrotum.  Pain is a 2/3 out of 10
Ache sometimes radiates upwards to area above scrotum, lower pelvis
Occasional discomfort on left side, same area
No pain on urination, no discharge from penis
Occasional tingle at tip of penis.  Some days there, some days not
Ibuprofen seemed to help the ache some

Went to doc yesterday & wasn't thinking this was STD because of time that has passed without symptoms.  He examined me and findings are:  no testicular swelling, no testicular pain, no swelling of lymph nodes, no hernia present, no WBC in urine, no bacteria in urine.  Diagnosed a groin strain from physical activity.  Didn't even think to talk about STD nor did he ask.  Should I be concerned any further about STD?  Thank you.
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Hi, the most common symptoms of std,s are a white puss penis discharge and buring while urinating so i would agree with the doctors that its not std related
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Your symptoms don`t suggest an STD
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