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Pregnant? STD?

someone please help!
so since i started my period at 14 years of age it has always been irregular. i am now 20 and it's still the same. my cycle is usually around 39-45 days, which to me is normal. anyway my last period was on december 3 until december 7 (which is roughly five days each time i get my period. the bleeding in between those days are on and off and on the first day i get cramping but goes the next day). i had sex on the 16 and 17 december 2014 and was fine. but until yesterday (6 january 2015) i had very light bleeding and later had very bad stomach cramps i had to lay down and even that didn't help. (bare in mind my cycle is 39-45 days. so its atleast nearly two weeks early for me to have my period. or is it?) which prevented me from sleeping well at all last night. woke up very tired and dizzy. today the bleeding is bright red and was moderate in flow. had a bit of clear discharge too. i also felt like i was going to vomit but i didn't, had healthy food today, and drank alot of water. i also am a bit warmer then everyone else and when i lay down i seem to always have gas. i've never gotten this between periods ever! went to doctors and did a urine test and it said i wasn't pregnant. he said it could be that i have an STD, i'm getting into a regular monthly period or that i'm having implatantion bleeding. (i find implantation bleeding impossible since i had sex nearly three weeks ago.) i'm praying it isn't an STD i recently changed sexsual parners. ended a cascual thing with this guy in august 2014 (thats the last month i had sex with him). and sleept with someone else on the 16 and 17 of december 2014. but before i sleept with this recent companion my periods always came on time (even tho they are irregualr, i have a chart to record my period cycles.) i have to wait five days for the results and i just cant wait that long. does anyone know what this is??????????? :/ :(

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We can't give you a diagnosis, you will have to wait for test results and continue to work with your Dr.
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STDs like gonorrhea and chlamydia certainly can cause spotting or bleeding between periods. Presumably testing was done by your doctor; follow up with the office to learn the result and get treatment if positive. In the meantime, I would also recommend that your current sex partner get tested as well. (But no need for the partner from last August to do so.)

Good luck.
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thank you, i just hate waiting but i'll keep you guys posted to let you know the outcome!
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so it's not an STD my results are negative
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I had the same problem, (im glad it wasnt an std) i miscarried last summer with my 3 weeks unborn baby, since then my period became strange, i bleed so bad the second day, and having muscle cramps that i cant even walk! Went back to my gyn she said i have ovarian cysts! Now i have missed my period for 10 days! So messed up:/
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i'm so sorry to hear that. hope your okay :) geez i hope it's not a cyst for me :/
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