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Prostatitis or NGU?

Hi all,

I will try to keep it short:
- Had a very brief encounter with a CSW, first handjob (she was still dressed), then protected oral and vaginal. There was a few seconds when my dick touched her Buttocks, just skin.
- Had non-protected sex with wife after one week (only once)
- 2 weeks after csw encounter, it started with some urge to urinate and feeling I was leaking urine (but was not the case), after few days I had mild irritation inside the urethra, but no pain, no discharge,...
Also I had some feeling that there was something between scrotum and anus.
(ofcourse anxiety levels were at 100%)
- Didnt had sex with wife anymore.
- went to doc, and got tested for chlamydia, gon., trich., .. all negative, He did urine analysis: negative, no wbc's. (only remark, it had been only 1 hour since last voiding...) I think it is not so reliable.
- Doc gave me (without knowing results) 1g azithromicyne,
- after 8 days or so, all symptoms were gone, (maybe because doc telling I have nothing, but maybe prostatitis)

- Had unprotected sex with wife
- after 2 weeks I started having symptoms of candida (redness, ...) on dick. I was totally stressed out and after a few days, some symptoms came back. Candida went away, but now I had again the continous urge to urinate, feeling there is some urine in the urethra, and just awareness of the tip of the penis, maybe slightly tender.
No discharge, no pain when urinating, stream is weak and takes seconds to start and a lot of after dribble.
Also when sitting I often have this dull feeling between scrotum and anus, slightly painfull sometimes. Testicles also hurt sometimes, but sometimes left sometimes right)
Ofcourse I am totally freaked out, tested again for std's, all negative incl mycoplasma gen.

I am afraid I have a NGU and passed it initial to my wife, and got it back. I think the urine test was maybe not reliable for the wbc's, as it was only 1 hour after urination.

I will keep you updated
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Just to add, when I go to sleep all symptoms are gone, in the morning after half hour or so, they come back
I have had same symptoms all tests negative
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Sounds like prostatitis. Having had it mine originated from NGU. Your balantis(fungus infection) was a side effect from the antibiotic treatment. Prostatitis can be acute or chronic. Acute is generally bacterial, chronic can be non bacterial. Dribbling, perineal pain and feeling of urine are all classic symptoms. It took 5 different rounds of antibiotics to knock mine out with lexofloxin finally curing it. I’d follow up with a doctor to get treatment.
Agreed. And tell your wife so that you aren’t passing it back and forth
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It could be NGU, but you can get that from normal mouth bacteria if your wife performs oral on you. There is nothing you did with the CSW that put you at risk for NGU.

1 hour since voiding should be long enough.

I agree with Joejoe - get checked for prostatitis.
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