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12 weeks ago I had protected sex with a woman on unknown HIV status. After hardly 5 mins, stopped and I had ejaculated. She took the condom out (guess there was no break) and we stopped.
After 4-5 weeks, I had frequent urination and burning sensation. Went to clinic and doctor tested for Chlamydia, Gonnorea and found -ve. Was on Cipro and Doxycycline for about 10 days. He mentioned it was inflammed prostrate The issues disappeared by 10 days. No issues in terms of urination etc and no burning sensation. Took a 4-5 day break due to travel and soon the urination issue reappeared (frequent urination and burning sensation at the tip of penis). Had to continue Doxy for about 2 more weeks and Cipro for 5 days. Now I dont have any issue in terms of urination etc.
My concern is that there is lack of sleep and it has been quite some time I slept well. Not sure why? Did have night sweats once or twice but mostly due to blankets (it was not drenching sweat but little). My previous HIV test was 3 months ago and it was negative. Should I be worried? so far I have had no fever, no rashes, no swollen lymph nodes etc. When I was on cipro and doxy for a day or two had chills.

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Don't know what your actual question is.
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My question is : (1) should I test for HIV now? or is prostatitis the reason for lack of sleep . Or is it due to anxiety alone

(2) What conditions would necessitate testing for HIVWhat is the risk in my scenario?
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Post in the HIV forum
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Have posted, could you please respond? Any doctor in the forum. please advise
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