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Protected ORAL SEX and risk of STD.

I had an encounter with a transgender women. We shared a deep kiss. She anal fingered me for some time with numbing cream and put on a condom and tried to penetrate me. She had her penis with condom near my anus. But didn't insert it, since I said no. Then she put a condom in my penis and gave me oral sex. I came in less than 1 min. The condom was intact and afterwards I cleaned myself and left.
1)Am I at any risk of catching STI or HIV.
2) Is there any possibility in catching STI from that kiss or oral sex(she had braces).
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Hi, what your describing is zero risk with the condom experience and the kissing would be a very small risk for oral herpes and syphilis.
We kissed for only 5-10 sec and it wasn't hard.Can you please elaborate about that small risk?  She said she test for STI every 3 months.
What are my chances of catching something from kissing. I'm quite tensed.
Also she didn't had any sores in her lips, as far as I can remember. She was pretty clean.
The risk is the same with her as if you kiss anyone. If she didn't have any sores on her lips, you can't get syphilis - syphilis requires direct contact with a sore.

You may have oral herpes already. 2/3 of the adult population globally have oral hsv1, and 90% don't have symptoms.

Kissing for 5-10 seconds probably isn't going to transmit oral herpes, so please try to relax. Life360_Dave said it would be a "very small risk", and he's right. It's not worth panicking over.
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There is no risk from the kissing at all.

There is a very small risk for syphilis and genital herpes type 1 if she had either orally. You used a condom so the risk is minimal. It's not something I'd even bother testing for, since the risk is so low.

There is a no risk for anything from the attempted penetration or fingering.

There is absolutely no risk for HIV from any of this.
I saw another comment for my query saying there is a small risk with kissing. I am quite confused now. Could you please clarify and gave me a proper understanding about any possible issues and whether I should test myself.
I answered this above. The risk is very small, like Dave said, and statistically, there isn't any real difference between "no risk" and very low risk".

I also said that kissing for a few seconds isn't going to transmit anything, and you don't really need to worry about this.
Thank you
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