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Protected Sex with CSW / Blood on condom

Good day Medhelp,
I was involved in two protected sexual encounters over the last week with two different CSWs. Both encounters were protected vaginal sex. The first one I had was 7 days back and the last one was yesterday about 24 hours back.

In the first one I had noticed some blood on the condom after the intercourse. I checked the condom properly to see if it was broken but found that it was intact. My worry here is that I had masturbated in between the sexual encounter about 3-4 times. I ended it with masturbation which had some blood on it from the vaginal sex. I noticed it right at the end as there was dim light and did not  notice it midway. It was on the top of the condom which covers the penis head.

I spoke to the woman about the blood and asked if she was having her menstrual cycle but she said that it wasn't that. She did say that she was on medication for some vaginal bleeding and showed me the medicines. They were prescribed by her doctor. She said that it was friction during sex that might have led to the bleeding. I have been worried over it since. It is 7 days since the encounter.

For the last one yesterday, I had sex with another csw which was protected vaginal and insertive sex from the missionary position and from the back with her leaning froward. I ejaculated in the condom and saw it was not broken. During the intercourse I had changed two condoms when I had changed my position for sex.

I am very worried for my acts and have lost sleep today. I have had some discomfort in my groin area in the week since 2-3 days but nothing like blisters yet. I've got guilt and over the encounters and will get tested for HSV and HIV in 3-4 weeks. But for other stds what are my risks as they produce symptoms earlier. What are my chances from such an exposure? I'm worried over it and my risk assessment. Please advice.

Thank you community.
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Hi, if no part of your pubic mond area made rubbing contact with hers then you had zero risk. If it did you would have low risk for herpes and syphilis. Touching the blood is no risk. You had zero risk for HIV. test only if you have a long term relationship or if you develop sores in the upcoming months.
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Thank You for you reply sir.

My pubic region did come in contact during the intercourse. So there is risk for skin transmitted diseases. But I have pubic hair/not shaved. Would that reduce the risk against direct skin to skin contact? Also, both my partners were shaved.

Before the acts in both encounters I had checked their genitals before proceeding. I did not find any obvious sores,wounds or lesions around the genitals or any scabbed skin or anything that appeared unusual. I had also asked my partners if they have any such infection in the genitals, they said they don't have any such infections. But i'd never know.

I read some posts on the website that skin infections are transmitted even when there are no sores. For HSV -2 it could take from 2-20 days if it would be an initial infection and syphilis about a month if it's initial infection. Should I consider I'm mostly safe for these if they don't show up in a month or so? Because a test is fully reliable at about 4 months which is pretty long from here. I'm worried about it. Thank you.
I wouldn't worry much here. I don't know if you have a partner you are concerned about, or if this is just anxiety, but try not to worry.

Using condoms offers up to 70% protection for HPV.

Herpes can be transmitted without symptoms, but condoms offer significant protection. A one-time protected encounter without symptoms is considered very low risk. People with herpes aren't infectious every day. If you were in a long term relationship with her, you'd have a 4% chance of getting it from her if you had unprotected sex 2-3x a week. So while it's possible that you'd get it from a protected, one-time encounter, it's not likely.

Syphilis is transmitted when symptoms are present. If you didn't see a sore, you don't need to worry.

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