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Protected Sexual Play, Exhibiting No Symptoms. Should I Be Concerned?

For background, I'll start off with a few key details:

1.) I'm a 26-year-old, heterosexual male. I grew up in a strict, conservative, religious household (this makes me think I'm only having anxiety. I'm already diagnosed with anxiety so this may be all it is.)

2.)  I've been sexually active for hree years hand have had two partners--both of which I've had sexual *play* with but no sexual intercourse. The first partner I went down on once. Other than that we mostly engaged in mutual masturbation.  This only happened twice. The other partner I went down on once. Other than that we've engaged in mutual masturbation. There was some naked cuddling involved with the second partner. This only happened three times.

I'm concerned about the possibility of me being exposed to anything. Both partners claim they were clean and I've not exhibited any symptoms. Do I need to be concerned?
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In a word, no.
No reason at all for concern
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Totally agree.

STD transmission occurs when one partner has an infection, and one of the following happens -

* mouth to genital contact (performing oral on a vagina is really low risk compared to performing oral on a penis, as the penis goes into the mouth/throat)

* genital to genital contact, unclothed, with rubbing/grinding - this would be like your penis rubbing against a vagina. Infections like herpes, syphilis and HPV need friction in order to transmit, so your naked cuddling wouldn't transmit anything, even if your genitals did touch.

* genital to anal - think anal sex, or rubbing or grinding, for the same reasons above.

Hands, as in mutual masturbation, never transmit infections like this.

I'm sorry you're feeling conflicted about this. Religious beliefs aside, your sexuality is a normal part of you. Your religious beliefs may govern how you act on those feelings, but the feelings are normal.
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