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Protected sex, open wounds/scabs risk? +pharyngitis

Dear members:

First of all sorry for my bad english, I haven't practiced it for a long time. Besides I have read a lot from this forum
and I want to thank all of you for the help you give us.

To make the long story short:

- I didn't have sex for a year before the incident.
- I masturbated vigorously the afternon before (I didn't plan to have sex that night)
- I had an allergy the week before, that caused little scabs on my lower back as a result of the scratching.
- Since the city where I live is really dry, my lips are dry too and sometimes that causes wounds with instant bleeding.
- I removed a cuticle from one of my fingers 4 hours earlier with little bleeding.
- I'm circuncised.

The stupidity
I went out with my friend and we got drunk, now I realize that I let my animal part go out :P. We went to a brothel. A sex worker led me to her room, we undress. She put me on a condom and did me a short blowjob. After that, we had vaginal sex with the same condom. After all she took the used condom off me and we dressed again. Later in my house I masturbated again.

- I noticed that some of the scabs were removed, I don't know if it was because of the movement on the bed or maybe an accidental scratch. Since we had to put my penis back in sometimes, we touched the condom while having sex. Is there any risk if there were any indirect contact between the fluids (vaginal, cervical) of the condom and the open scabs?.  The next morning I noticed in my clothes that the wounds might have bleed a little.

- The same question goes for the lips, the wound in my finger and perhaps touching my eye or my penis after the condom was removed.

- Now, 30 days after the incident i got a really bad pharyngitis(fever, sorethroat, sweats), is it a symptom of any std?

- Do I need any std analysis?

I have read what you say about indirect contact and what is considered and open wound, but sometimes one needs to hear it from the experts and for his specific case.

Thank you for your time!

Stupid boy
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With condom use, this is very low risk of any STD/STI.

I do not believe your current sore throat is related. How high is your temperature?

Your symptoms do not really align with an STD. If you have concerns though, then there is nothing to lose by having a panel including: HIV, Hep B/C, HSV2, syphilis, chlam, gon. You will need to wait until 12 weeks for Hep C HSV, and syphilis.
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37.7 maybe up to 38
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That's not much of a temperature! I suspect this is an unrelated minor illness.
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Son, any recommended tests or nothing at all?
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From this incident I think some would suggest no need for testing.  Although you may regret the decision you did everything protected.  You made the encounter as safe as you possibly could.  (or perhaps she did, remember the girls dont know you either and want to protect themselves as well)

Hiv is a fragile virus and transmission is low in even in its best conditions.
I see no risk for hiv here.  Gon and Chlam also no risk.

Skin to skin std's are of course possible but low risk. If you dont have sexual symptoms within the next 3 weeks I wouldn't be worried.

Most people in this situation its guilt and reget, std's are not out to get you. Bottom line evertyhing was protected.  The only safer thing to do is abstain from sex altogether (boring eh!!)  

For your own piece of mind get checked and then you can pout this all behind you.  Good luck
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Thanks for the answer Alan:

What symptoms are those?

Look, 14 days after the encounter i got a canker sore, and my temperature raise a little in the afternoons and nights (99-99.5) but i was feeling warm, and I sweated a little al night. It was not a rash, but there appeared a few small pimples in my neck and torso. As you could imagine I wall full of anxiety those days. All those "symptoms" lasted for 5 days, the canker sore and the pimples dissapeared and my temperature drop to again (99) in promedy.

Two weeks later I got this pharyngitis and I was prescribed with antibiotics. I'm taking them by now.

Do you see anything to worry about?
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I would say say, regret, anxiety and guilt are you only real issues here.  

Bottom line - Everything you did was protected.  You dont know the escort had any infections.  It might surprise you that most are not infected.  The fact she used a condom for everything suggests she protects herself well.

Single exposures for any infection rarely lead to transmission.  The fact you did everything protected makes the already low risk essentially zero.
The low transmission rates are usually based on studies where non infected partners sleep regulary with infected partners.
Even when infected a person is not contagious all of the time.  
Canker sores are not STD specific, I get them periodically as do most of the world population.  
Your temperature is almost certainly not STD related, far more likely a random air born virus you picked up.  

If you need 100% assurance the only way is to go for a STD checkup.  Would I be worried in your case?  no I wouldnt.

If an event like this causes you so much anxiety afterwards maybe its better not to put yourself in this position again?
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Thank you very much. Yes indeed I will not do this again, my sexual life is really poor so I guess that's why I have this anxiety. Today I'm getting some labs, I hope everything is fine. Thank you again!
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