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Protected sex but condom broke worried

Hello, about 4 weeks ago i had sex wih a sex worker who seemed questionable. At first received unprotected oral sex for about 1-2 mins and then put on a condom she continued oral with a condom on and then removed the first condom and put on a new one for vaginal intercourse. After about 5-6 mins after ejaculation i kept on going inside her for about 20-30 seconds and when i removed i saw the condom was empty inside and had a small hole on the side under the head of my penis where the sperm had leaked out. I went in shower cleaned outside and inside my penis right away.

After exactly 7 days i went to a STD clinic where i got tested for everything. All results came back negative. A week later i had a red  painful lump that appeared suddenly next to my left nipple on my chests. I went to my dr who gave me antibiotics which cured in about a week. After that a week later, i started having pain under my right arm and realized there was a red spot under my armpit that hurt. 2 days later i got about 4-5 pimple looking bumps under my left armpit that were painful also. I went to my dr and he said looks like bumps cause from trimming or shaving under armpits (which i have never had before)  and gave me antibiotic cream to apply.

Also i have this pain in my right arm from my joint shoulder to my arm every morning when i wake up and during the day it goes away but there is still a bit of pain sometimes. Same time i have a red eye in my left eye it looks like its a bit swollen on the side and its red. And i am feeling very tired and stressed these couple of days. Could somebody tell me if these symptoms are related to any std or hiv?? I am very worried. Thank you
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washing up after sex doesn't reduce your risk of a std. Std's don't lay on the skin to work their way down into the body to infect you - they are transmitted during the sex act itself.  Trying to clean with soap inside your urethral opening does far more hard than good too - don't do that again in the future!!

this was mostly protected sex and not really a risk. in the future, when your pants are off, a condom should be on. unprotected oral is low risk but not low risk and should be avoided when it's not a regular partner.

whatever is going on in your armpit and upper body are not related to this encounter. follow up on symptoms with your provider.

the only std testing that was accurate 1 week post encounter was gonorrhea, chlamydia and ngu. you need to wait at least 6 weeks post encounter for syphilis testing and 3 months for herpes, hiv and hepatitis testing.

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Thank you Grace for your answers.
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