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Protected sex with hsv 2 positive partner worried!

Well about two years ago, maybe 3 I had a protected encounter with someone hsv2 positive. I was tested about 3 4 months after and was neg. A few days ago I had a red spot appear on the head of my penis, it's been 5 days and is still there. It seems as a little skin is flaking off but it's not sore and I have no leasons or sores, I'm just very paranoid as I had the same thing a few years back. the Dr told me not to worry about it, but it's strange in my opinion, and worrisome. Anyone have any ideas??
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1) unlikely anyone on this forum will be able to give u any constructive answer
2) if your doctor told u not to worry about it, then listen to him
3) or else, visit another doctor
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you dont have hsv if you had one it would be pain in a$$ and dude u tested negative why ur still worried
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